Abe Aamidor....'Best Jewtown Hot Dogs'

Dateline: Sun 17 May 2015

Former award-winning Star and News writer/reporter Abe Aamidor continues to churn out fiction and get himself published. He is producing both short stories and a novel -- his first novel. Good on him.

Here is an update on some of his new work:

Aamidor's latest short story, the provocatively titled "Best Jewtown Hot Dogs," has been published in the Spring/Summer 2015 print edition of "Prick of the Spindle," a literary journal based in Birmingham, Alabama and edited by Cynthia Reeser.

The story deals with a wily reporter at the Chicago Sun-Times who often stops by a food stand in the Maxwell Street Market called "Best Jewtown Hot Dogs" and decides to research the history behind the name.

Abe also has two additional short stories scheduled for publication this year, from The South Carolina Review (based at Clemson University) and Broad River Review (based at Gardner-Webb University).

Abe's first novel, "Monastery of Writers," about a middle-age man who leaves his family and joins a writers' commune in an old resort hotel in Southern Indiana, will be published later this year by Moonshine Cove, a small indie press based in South Carolina.

The book will be available for order from any bookstore or online via Amazon and B&N, including in digital form.


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