The bricks come tumblin' down

Dateline: Tue 12 May 2015


ruthholl [Member] said:

Several photos arrived in email yesterday from ex-Star and News folks recording the tear-down of the old Star-News newspaper building.

"There goes the copy desk."

2015-05-12 15:41:34

Not surprised [unverified] said:

Every time there was a story about how developers were going to turn the building into apartments, I thought, "Really." Coming and going in the middle of the night, I saw rats run from the building. Those before me had stories of the mice and cockroaches and how several buildings were culled together. I was there when it shook from an earthquake. I doubt keeping the structure was ever the real plan. Once the decision was made to take it down, it didn't take the crews long to get there.

2015-05-13 18:17:45

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