Outta there

Dateline: Thu 05 Mar 2015

The word is that photographer Frank Espich is the latest Indy Star staffer to decide to quit the newspaper.

April 1 will be his last day.

April's Fool? 

I doubt it. 


George Stuteville [unverified] said:

Take care, Frank. I covered many stories with you. The way you handled our sources was great. Many of the questions you asked of our sources turned into lead paragraphs for me.

2015-03-09 08:25:20

Larry Foster [unverified] said:

I can't say enough about a great person. You are a true artist with a lens. I enjoyed working with you for 31 years. You were always there to guide me on what you wanted out of your shoots so I could give you the best separations
for the presses.

Good luck friend

2015-03-09 20:50:26

howard smulevitz [unverified] said:

An excellent photojournalist and a terrific person - adding up to a true mensch! Have a wonderful future, Frank.

2015-03-10 14:16:54

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