No cheers for pouring her pint of Guinness

Dateline: Thu 05 Mar 2015

The Indy Star has an article in the Living section today in which beverage reporter (still laughing) Amy Haneline tells readers how she poured a Guinness at Brockway Pub in Carmel.

Before this was published, it was a video on the Star's dreadful, horrid, boilerplate website -- you can look it up. But you won't want to.  

You know, as do I, that this whole damn thing is too silly to bother.

The "story" is little more than a big fat free ad, or filler, padded by lists. It's also another signal that at Gannett, it's all about the web, 'bout the web, 'bout the web....

Gannett does, however, love its little lists, so Haneline offers up six "Here's how it's done" instructions: how to pull the handle, how to hold the glass, how to let the beer settle, etc. My favorite is No. 6: "Present and enjoy. Don't spill." Thank you, Betty O'Crocker, 1957. 

Readers also get a list of five other Irish-style pubs where Guinness is served in the city, including two that are chains.

Faith and begorrah,  there are a number of fine Irish beer joints in this city, but the newspaper's lack of institutional memory ignores what may be the king -- Connor's Pub in Broad Ripple, tucked away on a back street (6331 Ferguson) in a former house. Connor's has been serving patrons since 1980, and no more so than on St. Patrick's Day.

The final gulp: nowhere do we read or hear the nickname for the head of foam on a Guinness -- the bishop's collar.

Research? Easier to put on some makeup and pull a lever. 






hendy [Member] said:

You accuse IndyStar of depth? How dare you. Connor's Pub is infamous. They don't make them like that any more. Stories I could tell..... if the statue of limitations has expired.

2015-03-05 21:00:41

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