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Dateline: Tue 03 Mar 2015

"Mass media is mass deception" is a bumper sticker which pretty much sums up where many young people are coming from -- they do not trust the old grey ladies to report the truth.

Hence our polarization; those who do not read or trust mainstream media are turning up their noses to it. 

The problem is, as one friend explained, that this has created a glut of media consumers who only read what re-enforces their particualr perspectives.

This friend, who toiled in the fields of old-school journalism until her job became intolerable, tells the story of her daughter, who gets her "news" exclusively from a conglomerate blog that tells her what she wants to read about the issues of the day.

This is an insult to what we once called the Fourth Estate -- news organizations and journalists who vowed to challenge government propaganda and the powers that be at any cost.

But we brought it on ourselves, to a large extent. When reporters stop challenging, people stop reading.

Welcome to the world of Fox and MSNBC, which is the MSM version of only hearing what you want to hear. Hence the crisis that is today's journalism. 



Ms. Cynical [unverified] said:

Reporters can't "challenge" when editors won't approve either the reporting time or the space to print it.

And, editors are beholden to the owners.

Gannett is in charge of our "grey space" and there's nothing an old-school reporter can do about it.

2015-03-03 13:19:05

hendy [Member] said:

I'm liking what I hear in the differentiation between corporate media, and indy-media, with all that's implied. I listen to NPR frequently, and it ends up being milquetoast compared Democracy Now, and other indy-media.

The corporate "news" services watch each other, their advertiser's needs, sift, and deliver. In the case of NPR, it's become the mindless need to suck up to Congress-- funding and political access. They tow conventional wisdom, almost in the extreme. Their probing goes as about as deep as a pin-prick, with headlines as worthless as a Vonnegut sparrow flatulence. Yet they sound so bold and necessary, an illusion in their own minds.

Realities like Ferguson take them by surprise. Their fealty to the US Dept of State is truly frustrating. Worse, the plights of many people in genuine danger across the planet arrive as waves from other sources, not really any of their own. Recently, the workman's comp meme has been championed-- great-- save that it's news from four years ago, when the current trend was starting. Yet it's suddenly thumped as though recently discovered, the plotted malaise and destruction of most support systems for the disadvantaged in the US. Good grief.

2015-03-05 21:07:30

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