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Dateline: Wed 08 Jul 2015

Time for some good news.

The alleged perps who assaulted Butler-Tarkington resident Skip in the parking lot of CVS at 56th and Illinois have been caught in Virginia.

Here is what Skip's son Brett posted on Facebook: The names of the two suspects are  "Amanda Marie Wallace,...(and) Bobby Ray Darnell, Jr of Gate City, VA. Bobby is currently in the hospital attempting to take his life when cornered by the cops. Amanda is in the Scott Co, VA jail with $5,000 bond... "

I spoke with Skip this morning and he provided more details:

Wallace and Darnell are allegedly meth dealers and meth makers who traveled back and forth between Indianapolis (where her family lives in Mars Hill) and Virginia, Darnell's home.

According to what Amanda Marie Wallace told the sheriffs in Gate City, Va., their vehicle broke down in Indianapolis. So they went to CVS to prey on an innocent person and get a new car. That's where they found Skip, a senior citizen who was driving his 2001 Toyota Avalon and picking up boxes outside of CVS to help a friend move.

While the man asked Skip (no last name, please), if he wanted help, which he declined, the woman came up behind him and hit him hard in the back of the head with a hammer. This was daylight, people....around 5 p.m. or so. Skip had to have 15 staples to close the wound.

"They still had the hammer with blood on it," Skip says.

This case was broken by excellent police and good neighbor work -- Detective Marshall Hoskins of IMPD and sheriff's deputies in Virginia.

Wallace and Darnell were living in a trailer park in or near Gate City, Va. A neighbor noticed that the Toyota Avalon they drove had out-of-state license plates (from Indiana) and notified police.

Deputies came to the home and knocked on the door for 15-20 minutes. Finally Darnell opened up and allegedly said "You're not taking me alive." He brandished a knife. Sheriff's deputies tasered him, There was a scuffle, and Darnell  stabbed the knife into his chest. He was taken into custody and hospitalized.

Skip was a bit worried that the $5,000 bond was too low --- "if they are meth dealers they can easily raise that money," he said -- but warrants have been issued today for the pair to be extradited to Indiana. Skip says Amanda Wallace confessed her role in the crime.

Skip is happy to get his vehicle back at some point; he did not settle with insurance with the hope of recovering it. "It was bequeated me by my mom, so it has sentimental value," he said. Deputies in Virginia told him the car was in good shape.

As for CVS, still no sign of "no loitering" signs outside that bench. This company is not a very good neighbor. Don't blame the employees at the store; blame corporate.

But for now, I'm pleased with how this is unfolding. Best to Skip and his family. Thanks to the police for good work and the alert neighbor who blew the whistle. More like this.





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