'Statehouse bullying'

Dateline: Wed 19 Mar 2014

After writing yesterday about relatively scant media coverage of the bill allowing guns in locked cars in school parking lots, lo and behold -- Lesley Weidenbenner of TheStatehouseFile.com has an insightful opinion analysis on the issue in this morning's Star.

Alas, there is no link to the article on the Star's website, so I can't share it with you.

Weidenbener, a veteran reporter of the Legislature, shares the same information a friend had told me -- that Republicans' bullied Shannon Watts of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense when she testified against the bill. 

Watts, reports Weidenbener, came to the Statehouse "with statistics and data," but Republicans who backed the legislation "were in no mood to talk compromise" with Watts.

GOP lawmakers "picked apart" Watts' statistics and "were combative in their questions." One legislator went so far as to imply that, since Watts has a background in marketing, she "knew how to manipulate data." Oh, puhleeze.

All this confirms what I'd heard anecdotally -- Republican lawmakers piled on Watts. Says Weidenbener: "People who exercise ... civic duty in the respectful way that Watts did shold never be treated poorly. Doing so is indeed bullying, and it has no place in the Statehouse."


hendy [Member] said:

Give the enemy no quarry. You were expecting roses? This isn't what's done in a polarized society. If you're not with us, you're agin' us. Treat people with respect? There's no time for that. They're the enemy. Give them no quarry.

2014-03-19 17:03:52

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