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Dateline: Sat 15 Feb 2014

Where is the Purdue University follow-up on motive?

Here's the mix: two young men, both teaching assistants at a tier-one engineering college, one dead, the other in jail, and our former governor president of the university -- quite a bomb in the making.

So why has no intrepid journalist trekked up to Purdue and done the legwork? 

One source speculates that Purdue Univeristy's president Mitch Daniels is putting the kabosh on further reporting.

The story, so far, is that Michael Boldt, 21, is dead, shot inside the electrical engineering building Jan. 22, and Cody Cousins, 23, also a student, is in jail, charged in the crime.

Why? What happened? 

Reporters should not wait around for the police and prosecutors to deliver their side of it on a press conference plate; someone should get an account and publish it. But there's nothing in any daily in Indiana, including the Purdue University Expoonent. Strange, very strange.

Time for some digging.




Jim Reidelbach [unverified] said:

I have been thinking the very same thing. . .

2014-02-15 11:12:47

Tom Greenacres [unverified] said:

Love triangle? Given the ferocity of the killing- stabbing then shooting-- I'm guessing it was very personal between two young men having the same Prof.

2014-02-15 16:24:01

hendy [Member] said:

What-- you're trying to embarrass the ex-governor's university. How dare you call attention to their foibles. Pesky journalist. This is about titans, so move along.

2014-02-16 09:48:33

rob [unverified] said:

Umm, I would like to have more information about this case, I just question that any of the local media (star, wish-tv, wrtv, fox59, etc) has the staff for doing a follow up.

I do not think that this is a case of suppressing reporters so much, just that there are no reporters to do the leg work. Matt Tully is tied up rewriting political press releases and Erica Smith is tied up with mass transit reporting.

2014-02-19 15:14:26

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