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Dateline: Sat 15 Feb 2014

Page 2 of the Indianapolis Star is devoted to photos by staff; each time a photo appears, the photographer gets a cameo "Photo by" with her/his image and Twitter tracker.

I like the feature -- lots of good photos of daily local life.

But at the top, the feature is heraleded as "AN INDY MOMENT presented by Roberts robertscamera.com.

Roberts is a camera store catering to shooters and a big player in Sunday's ad section. Obviously, the implication is that Roberts Camera bought this space.

It might be good to be straight about the arrangement. Next to the shooter's image, perhaps a brief sentence or two explaining the relationship between Roberts and the Star? Even magazines use the term "Advertisement" when they're going this direction. That is implied, but it is not clear.

Am I missing something?



hendy [Member] said:

Reveal advertorial? Where're the ethics and revenue in that??

2014-02-16 08:06:43

escapedbeforebeinggannettized [unverified] said:

Point well taken and the comprimising should be duly noted to the readers. My other issue with this feature is that it always lands on pg. 2, a b&w page. With the photos that have been featured, they should be in color, to tell the story better & bring the photo to life. Most times the photos are drab and lifeless - not giving justice to the captured moment. Could they not have it on a color page?

2014-02-18 09:58:34

John Howard [unverified] said:

But let's also consider the front page spreads for elite, expensive northside mansions that show up every week. Clearly advertising proffered as news.

2014-02-21 11:44:01

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