Eighteen jobs cut

Dateline: Mon 11 Aug 2014

at the Indianapolis Star, leaving one to wonder: who will be left standing to put out the paper?

The word is that nobody is getting the axe today; Gannett, in its fake munificense, is allowing people to reapply for jobs. Those who don't make the cut will be dismissed.

As in the past, it's simply a numbers game.

Here's a breakdown of who is on the chopping block: 12 copy editors (meaning all copy editors at this point, gasp!), 8 managers, 5 of the photo staff (about half), 3 folks in support (secretaries?) and everyone who is part-time.

The numbers do not add up because, in theory, some people will be retained. But the above apparently must all reapply for their jobs.

I do like what former music critic/Guild president/Star refugee Marc Allan said: if you're still there, and your number is up, do not allow this experience to define you. You are not a copy editor...or a photographer...or a manager.

The point is....you are a journalist, and your skills are transferrable.

That strategy has proved to work out for many former colleagues.

If anyone has any corrections to make to the above, speak up. Several people have fed me information today, but nothing is official.

Good luck to everyone.

Note: I first reported 19 jobs are gone, but 18 is what is being said now.




Son of a copy editor [unverified] said:

How transferable are your skills when you're turning 62 this year?

2014-08-11 17:28:18

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