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Dateline: Thu 19 Sep 2013

Dave Blower, senior editor at AntiqueWeekly and Farm World, has an opening for a journalist.

Here is the information from Blower: 

"We have a full-time editing position available here at AntiqueWeek and Farm World. The job would involve editing stories for all of our publications, and this position also helps manage our freelance staff.

 "The job is at our facility here in Knightstown, which is about 35 miles east of Indy. Please let me know if you are interested."

Here is his email contact:


Eric C. Rodenberg [unverified] said:

This is a good place to work. Especially compared to the Sick Word of Gannett (SWOG) - No corporate bullshit here, just good people trying to make a publication better.
For the many that don't remember I worked at the Star (1979-1985). I was privileged to work there with fine people and great journalists. Star alum Bill Sedivy - a good friend - recruited me to work at the Pal-Item in Richmond. That was 1988. It was a good year until Bill left. As city editor he absorbed much of the SWOG bullshit. But, he could only take so much, and moved on. In about 1989-1990 Gannett brought their minions in and it quickly turned into a cess pool. The managing editor from Louisiana was a flaming witch ... or is that spelled with a "b"? They promoted a part-timer to City Editor, and she had no idea what the hell she was doing. After being adjudged to be a "disruptive incorrigible," I was fired. That was one of my proudest moments in this biz - ha, imagine me an incorrigible. Today, the witch is back in La. writing books and publishing "feel good" gibberish. The no-nothing former city editor teaches Journalism at a university - go figure.
That's enough personal history. A hearty hello to everyone I used to know at the Star.
If you need any info about this place, I've been here for more than 7 years (apparently, they tolerate "disruptive incorrigibles." Call me, if you questions. As good journalists, I know you can find me.
Best, Eric

2013-09-20 09:30:22

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