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Dateline: Thu 19 Sep 2013

From a longtime blog reader, who never worked for the Indianapolis Star, the following translations of Gannettspeak:

The masters of spin… “giving you more.” McNews all the way.

"A new subsection in The Star’s Sports section with insight and analysis from USA Today’s sports team." –Translation: nationalizing sports coverage

"A revamped Sunday business section that will emphasize jobs, the workplace and the economy. Daily local business coverage will be integrated into the front local section." –Translation: no more business section

"The Star’s Sunday opinion and conversations page will be rebranded 'Forward Indiana' and built around two competing views on the same topic. –Translation: more Chicks on the Right


SteveR [unverified] said:

We knew the Indy USA Today Star was coming but if they dumb(er) down the Sports section any more, they're toast with subscribers. Just read about the new Pacers beat writer hired by the Star who has a less than impressive resume that includes a whopping 6 months total NBA experience covering the Portland Trailblazers for the Vancouver Columbian. Before that she covered HS sports for the Kansas City Star. Wondering if her hire is an indication the Star will rely more on USA Today for pro sports coverage than their own writers.

2013-09-19 12:45:48

ruthholl [Member] said:

Yes. Well, I hope not. I've been reading sports lately; got to get my money's worth. David Woods has a good piece this morning about Nate Sudfeld who will play for quarterback for IU. I do not want to lose this local flavor. No reader does....

2013-09-19 13:55:38

NR [unverified] said:

So my question becomes "do I need a subscription to read the obituaries online?" Because if I don't, I think I'm done. I've been threatening to cancel for the 23 years I've subscribed, but this may finally be enough.

2013-09-20 09:26:47

jersey [unverified] said:

The paper that sends everyone to Pat McAfees show but couldnt send one reporter to cover our Honor Flight to DC with 70 WWII veterans. By the way, getting involved with these flights might be the best thing thaI have ever done.

2013-09-21 23:03:04

hendy [Member] said:

The October Atlantic has an outstanding piece on the NFL, and how it's suckered so many local economies. Gruesome. An additional piece details how HS sports programs have wrecked budgets across the country.

USA Today? Superficial, glib, and bird-cage liner on its best day.

IndyStar continues on its race to the bottom. Sorry, y'all. I'm sad for you, and sad for Indy. You cost loot. Loot goes to stockholders. Have a nice day.

2013-09-22 08:37:50

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