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Dateline: Sun 12 May 2013

Music and theater critic Jay Harvey is leaving the Indianapolis Star, retiring. Now I have to worry about who Dan Carpenter will have lunch with. Well, and as Star reporter Dan McFeely suggested, whether or not anyone will replace Jay a the paper?  The smart money is on no.

Harvey is not really retiring, though; he is writing and publishing a cool blog with insights about the arts community that should have made the cut at the newspaper, but probably are too prosaic and thoughtful.

Here's the link:


As I told Jay on Facebook -- where I get a lot of superficial but sometimes pertinent information -- he was always too nuanced for straight journalism. Successful, yes, but I'm not sure his unique talents were well-tapped there.

Can someone be too smart for daily reporting? Or maybe too deep a thinker? Who knows? But his skills are well-suited to the sound of his own voice.

Going to bookmark.


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2013-05-12 12:49:31

Vaughan DeLeath [unverified] said:

What I am presuming is Jay Harvey's final review for the Star (Thursday's Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra Concert - reviewed in the 5/17 paper) sums up why I found his reviews so frustrating.

For all the adjectives that are used to describe the work of the composer, he somehow cannot bring himself to use them to apply to his personal qualitative evaluations of how the music was played by the musicians on the stage. For some (naive?) reason, I always thought that was one of the primary responsibilities of a critic.

He manages to get in a note of sympathy for the players in the orchestra for the labor difficulties of last fall. But without endorsing the quality of those same musicians performance, it just strikes as empty boosterism.

When the News closed, the Star elevated Charles Staff to Music Critic (did Jay review dance? or was that the features editor time in his career?). When Charles Staff died, the Star went out and hired Whitney Smith. When Smith disappeared, Harvey was back as Music Critic. Now that he is leaving, he won't be replaced. To this reader, Jay Harvey's tenure was one that never quite seemed to fit. Whether that was him, or others at the paper is something that someone else will have to offer an opinion.

2013-05-17 21:06:46

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