From Abe Aamidor:

Dateline: Sun 12 May 2013

Former News and Star features reporter Abe Aamidor continues to build his career as an author.

Here's an update from him April 19:

"I'm pleased to announce that 'Media Smackdown: Deconstructing the News and the Future of Journalism,' with Abe Aamidor as lead author, has been published by Peter Lang Publishing.

"The book deals with the history of journalism in the US, some legal issues, and charges of bias in the media. Both the initial proposal and final version of the book were peer reviewed, and the book has been endorsed by Jim Brown of Indiana University; Hal Fulmer of Troy University; Robert E. Denton of Virginia Tech; Stephen Cooper of Marshall University; and Ward Bushee of The San Francisco Chronicle.

"Cooper wrote, 'This book is written in blunt language. It pulls no punches in its dissection of the news industry's malaise, and it plays no favorites. In short, it's the kick in the pants that's long overdue.'"

Prior to the news, Aamidor mentioned he'd had another short story published -- "Call Me When Cheryl Burke Is Dancing," which appears in in the April 2013 issue of Gray Sparrow Journal.

Abe notes: "The story is set in Indianapolis and McCormick's Creek Park, with nods to Butler University and Victory Field."

Mazel Tov.


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