Least we forget: Jon Murray and Mary Beth Schneider

Dateline: Thu 28 Mar 2013

Those two reporters, covering the Legislature, (where so many intriguing stories of weasoldom are born), did a swell job reporting that House Speaker Brian Bosma, king of the Republicans at the Statehouse, is backing Mayor Greg Ballard's political power grab. If the Rs have their way, the Indy/Marion City-County Council will lose four at-large seats. No surprise, but they are all occupied by Ds.

The reporters got some great reaction quotes from sources. My favorite is Ruth Hayes, a R, but always a contrarian and independent thinker, whose reaction was "Obscene, obscene, obscene!"

"Anytime the public's representation is diminished," she said, "good government is diminished....It's nothing more than a very, very counterproductive move by our elected leaders, because it will come back to haunt them. As a former GOP precinct committeeman, I am chagrined that this type of activity is being suggested."

Another important story for all of us, told with verve and I believe, fairness and accuracy.



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