Dark day for designers

Dateline: Sat 23 Mar 2013

Friday March 22 was officially the last day for several members of the Indianapolis Star's design team.

Here's who landed where, etc. -- with a post coming next on Tony Griffo and the letter he wrote. Thanks to sources/friends for this information.

Ten designers were involved in the shakeup.

Cori Faklaris survived and has a new job as the local "Drudge" reporter, publishing online.

Sephanie Cope has gone to Ball State University. She has a job there.

Andy Neumann will be working in Louisville (where design central is).

Max Roe stays with Gannett in Indy working in advertising.

Janet Schneider and Emily Kuzniar will remain at the Star. They will be design liasions.

Jenny French, Tony Griffo, Michael Jackson and Leo Joint were laid off. Tony and Jenny each will receive 48 weeks of severance.

Best of luck to those who lost jobs and will be pounding the pavement.



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