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Dateline: Thu 27 Jun 2013

With Jay Harvey's resignation from the Indianapolis Star, there's been a lot of chatter about who/what blogs etc. are covering the arts.

Of course, Harvey has his own blog....

And then there's Lou Harry, doing it all at Indianapolis Business Journal.

Now, thanks to an email from Mike Knight, readers of this blog can access another credible and energetic source for arts coverage --

Knight is communications director for the Central Indiana Community Foundation. Here's what he has to say about Sky Blue Window:

"I recently read your post about the departing Jay Harvey (and arts coverage in the Star), and wanted to forward along a website you might want to take a peek at (if you haven’t already) It’s an online magazine devoted to the arts in central Indiana that launched in March of this year. Besides using freelance contributors (including Shelby Roby Terry from the Star, and other familiar freelance names, along with original content from WFYI), we also feature content from journalism majors at Butler, Franklin, IUPUI and U of Indy. Students are paid, and Butler currently has a lab devoted to developing content for us (as means of additional professional development). We’re also featured on their J-school’s home page:"

Knight mentions a couple of favorite pieces...which will especially mean something to those of us who respect Shelby Roby Terry, who was the arts/entertainment editor at the Star:

"Here’s Shelby’s piece (about Metropolitan Youth Orchestra, a personal favorite of mine):

"Besides growing great storytellers, we’re also trying to create demand for the arts (instead of only supporting supply) by making it easier for those new to the arts to explore on their own. At the same time, we’re trying to create community engagement in younger people – 18 to 22 year olds. Here’s what one Butler student had to say about writing for us (she’s a talented writer, trust me):"

Finally, Mike also paid tribute to others who share his ideals and have helped launch the blog:

"I should hasten to add that there have been some very instrumental people who’ve played a big role in this, including Marc Allan and Nancy Whitmore and Butler’s J faculty, Clayton Taylor (WFYI), John Krull and the executive staff at CICF. All have shown incredible vision and support for the project."

He also credits Natalie Atwell, who edits and curates the site and graduated last year from IUPUI. She brings a youthful element to the enterprise and "relates really well to young writers and users."

Also, Knight says, the Sky Blue Window site was designed by by Jim and Jon Sholly, of Commercial Artisan.  Their design makes it easy for readers to "dig in." Again, they are representative of Knight's desire to engage a younger crowd.

Knight says he worked on launching his baby from 2007 to 2011, which included hundreds of meetings and "hours of planning and research." 

Thanks to Knight for keeping us informed, and for detesting a vacuum.



hendy [Member] said:

What a fabulous site, free of the usual local stick-in-the-mud publisher bias!

2013-06-30 08:25:24

Carashalaryzoqu [unverified] said:

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2013-07-03 21:25:02

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