Daniel Axler of Rocky Ripple

Dateline: Thu 27 Jun 2013

If you've ever attended the Rocky Ripple summer festival, you've no doubt seen the clever art magnets created by photographer Dan Axler,a Ripple resident. He takes pictures of icons throughout the city and state, including signs, and turns them into 'fridge magnets or magnets for wherever. His prices are reasonable. And who doesn't need a Peppy Grill Hamburgs magnet, or one featuring the Melody Inn, Knobby's or Wonder Bread?

Dan writes that, after 31 years, 20 supervisors and 9 offices, he has retired from being employed by the State of Indiana.

Their loss, our gain. He's now available for freelance work -- photos and graphic design.

Here's his blog -- and be sure to look at all the images, because he's got great range, from photos of an eagle skimming over White River to home-again author Dan Wakefield...and those cool magnets.





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