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Dateline: Tue 11 Jun 2013

James Whitlock

James "Jimmy" Whitlock, 76, owner of the world-famous Masterpiece Lounge, died May 31, 2013. Among his most memorable accomplishments, beyond never breaking par at Douglas Park Golf Course, was fathering two boys - James Whitlock II and Jason Whitlock - who embraced their father's love of pea-shake houses, Crown Royal, the Indiana Pacers, women and still managed to meet their father's demand of achieving academically. James Whitlock II made his dad proud by earning a bachelor's degree from Southern Illinois University and taking a management position within Ford Motor Company. Jason Whitlock, after winning a football state championship at Warren Central High School in 1984, earned a football scholarship to Ball State University. Jason studied journalism, graduated in 1990 and, like his father, became an expert on all things sports related. He is a national sports columnist and media personality for FOX Sports. Mr. Whitlock, who completed the 11th grade at Crispus Attucks, loved to brag about his boys' accomplishments.

Known throughout Indianapolis as a ladies man, between his three marriages, Jimmy Whitlock was considered this city's most eligible bachelor well into his late 60s. His brother, Kenneth "Fox" Whitlock, who preceded him in death, was his only rival during the 1980s, although this fact was often heatedly disputed by the Ballard Brothers and A.J. Jimmy Whitlock is survived by his two sons, his sister Audrey Whitlock, two grandchildren Jay and Jonathan, his Masterpiece Lounge family, including Mikki and Boogie, and his caregiver Yvonne Lacey.

The Whitlock's will celebrate Jimmy's life on Wednesday at Crown Hill Memorial Chapel . Visitation will be held from 9 a.m. to Noon. The visitation is open to the public. The funeral service and burial will take place beginning at Noon. The family respectfully asks that attendees wear bright colors and dress in a manner consistent with Mr. Whitlock's personality. This will be a celebration of a good life. After the services, the Whitlock's will receive Jimmy's friends at the world-famous Masterpiece Lounge for the repast following services. (If you need the address, you're not invited.) Doors will open at 2:30 p.m. The fun will begin at 2:31 p.m.


Thanks to my friends Rita Rose, who covered entertainment at the Star, and Cathy Gibson, formerly librarian extraordinaire at the Indianapolis Marion County Public Library, for cluing me into this -- I missed the print version, which was published end of May, in the Indianapolis Star.

As my friends pointed out, this would never have been published in the "old days" when reporters (newbies) wrote the obits.

This has class, style and personality.

I am told that the deceased likely wrote the obit himself. And, the Masterpiece Lounge is on Sherman, between 34th and 38th. But if you have to ask, you were not invited. Duh.

Thanks to the family of Mr. Whitlock for delivering. 


hendy [Member] said:

Dang. Missed it.

2013-06-11 20:22:27

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