IBJ reports Wells not going to ESPN

Dateline: Thu 25 Jul 2013

Anthony Schoettle, media writer for the Indianapolis Business Journal, has followed up on reports of Terry Hutchens and Mike Wells both leaving the Indianapolis Star's sports section for greener pastures.

We know Hutchens left to cover Indiana University for Fox News/Scout.com

And many of us, including this blog, SB Nation, and various Twitter accounts, reported that Wells left to join ESPN.

But here's what Schoettle says today, after actually talking to Wells:

"When reached by the IBJ on Tuesday, Wells confirmed that he has left the Star but declined to say where he is headed.

“'I’m just going to lay low for a week or so,” Wells said.

"In the Star re-organization, Wells was moved from covering the Pacers to being the lead Indianapolis Colts beat writer. Covering the high-profile NFL and Colts could be considered a move up, but some in the industry speculated Wells was upset at not getting to cover the NBA.....

"Wells said his move had nothing to do with being unhappy at the Star, but rather said he’s moving to take advantage of another professional opportunity.

“'I have no hard feelings and nothing bad to say about the Star,” Wells said. “They’ve been very good to me in my 8-1/2 years at the Star.”

"There had been speculation in local sports circles that Wells had taken a job with ESPN.com covering an NBA beat. Wells denied that.

“'I can tell you that is completely inaccurate,” he said.

I apologize to Mike Wells for the error and continue to wish the guy well.

Here is the IBJ link:





Not Kravitz [unverified] said:

Wells was specifically answering one question: Are you going to ESPN to cover the NBA and Pacers?
That answer is no.
Just another very, very poor job of reporting by IBJ.
Blogger finally figured it out -- only took a day, after the news had been out for a week -- and has a new blog today.
Wells is going to ESPN to cover the Colts. I never knew The Score existed until yesterday, but based on what I read, I wouldn't rely too heavily on anything The Score says.

2013-07-26 09:22:33

Not Kravitz [unverified] said:

You can't make some of this stuff up. Well, if you worked for IBJ I suppose you could...The Score and Ronnie Ramos are engaged in a Twitter battle. Ronnie appropriately called out IBJ for bad headline, bad reporting, bad tweet.
In response, IBJ tweets this beauty:

IBJ The Score ?@IBJTheScore 1h
.@ronnieramos We don't print the truth, Ronnie, we print what people say. You of all people should know that.

At least that was factual. They didn't print the truth.

Score...just admit you screwed up royally with the original blog, take it down and move on.

2013-07-26 10:46:14

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