'I divorced Google'

Dateline: Wed 24 Jul 2013

Friend and IT collaborator/ExtremeLabs Inc. owner Tom Henerson of Bloomington recently penned this article for Indianapolis Business Journal.


I'm not sure everyone will be able to access it, since IBJ has a serious paywall. But the gist of his message is privacy, and that Google -- big ole Google -- is an absolute monstrous sponge when it comes to sucking up info about you.

Writes Hendy:

"Voluminous information is at the heart of Google’s oil well, pumping 24/7 in its metaphorical basement. Here’s what they know, specifically about you: your name, your exact physical location when you browse, what topics you look at and for how long and frequently, where you went from there, and for how long, and essentially every online move you make, unless you specifically stop them...."

Smartphones are even more penetrable, says Hendy -- trust me, you are being tracked. So Hendy moved over and out of the Google network, but it was not easy:

"I had more than 3,500 Google+ followers, two Gmail accounts (business and personal), Google Voice and so forth. The divorce took almost a day. I had to replace Google’s seductive “free” products in my life.

"It took a lot of work to find replacement products, even within subscription models, that allowed me to do my work. I still maintain one account for professional research-only purposes, but its use is limited to that. I sometimes don’t see Google for months, and I’m ever so happier. I miss only YouTube.

"The number of free replacement apps is dwindling, but there are reasonable choices. I use a search engine called DuckDuckGo.com, which stores no data. There are no scripts on its Web pages to monitor my every move, my location, my search criteria. No cookie is left in my browser."

I know this issue is one that concerns a lot of IT folks, in part because when it comes to the Interwebs, they know the ins, the outs and the pitfalls. And, like Henderson, many of them tend to be more independent minded as well as tech-saavy than the rest of us.

But even for some of us drones, Henderson's argument resonates. Too much information.



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