Star moving to Meridian and Georgia?

Dateline: Wed 10 Jul 2013

This is from the Star online. posted today. Here is the linkL

"Note from Karen Crotchfelt, President and Publisher of Star Media:

"After almost a year-long search for a new location for Star Media and Gannett shared services, I am delighted to announce we are in lease negotiations with Simon Property Group to create a new home for our employees at Circle Centre mall, specifically the space at the corner of Meridian and Georgia.

"This location would suit our needs very well. The extremely large floor plates would allow us to create an open and collaborative environment that would bring all our employees together for the common purpose of serving the community. The location would put us in the heart of Indianapolis and creates opportunities for events to interact with our readers. We are looking for a win-win-win situation – for our employees, our customers and downtown.

"We still have details to be worked out but we are excited about the possibilities the new location could provide. We agreed with Simon that it was appropriate to be transparent at this point in the process even though nothing is guaranteed until we all sign on the dotted line. Plus, let’s face it: I can't let anyone scoop us on this story."

Isn't this where Nordstrom was? And where do Stare employees park? Last I heard, the ideal location was East and Ohio or Market .... but obviously the Simons cut a deal.




Matt Stone [unverified] said:

Didn't the Star's parent company, under Pulliam ownership, give out a loan to the CIB for the construction of Circle Center?

2013-07-10 18:55:03

Gillian [unverified] said:

I too thought that a loan was given to the CIB.... wait and see, I guess

2013-07-13 11:43:23

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