Dateline: Wed 30 Jan 2013

A hat trick for Indiana in the Lifetime Movies for Women category. Here are the nominees:

The horrific Richmond Hill explosion which took two lives, injured dozens and cost hundreds of thousands in property damage is on the list. The real appeal, or anti-appeal, is the sleazy trio charged in the crimes: Monseratte Shirley (deadly nurse) and her ex-con boyfriend Mark Leonard and his equally dirtbag brother Mark Leonard Jr. These people are so putrid you can't take your eyes off them. Also, this story line has it all: divorce, dysfunction, fake tears in that awful TV interview, the cat angle, and the fact that Facebook basically solved the crime before the officials weighed in. Throw in Jimmy Voyles as attorney for the defense for Monseratte, and it's a sick winner.

Bambi, Jennifer and Jeff -- one fawn, two great human beings, united against the tyrannical forces of big government in the form of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. I know, the deer is really named Dani; a minor point. This would also work well as an animated film, but Lifetime doesn't do those, so let's stick to the basics: sweet and kindly cop and nurse couple in rural Indiana rescue injured fawn; nanny state tries to take them out and off deer; deer breaks out; thousands rally around our heroes; etc. Feel-good movie of the week, unless our heroic couple ends up fined/in jail or somthing unexpected happens to Dani. Even then, it's a sweetheart of a story.

Got to dig up one of those Carmel coaches who had sex with his students(s); this could be either hetrosexual drama or gay, since we've had both. My personal favorite is the guy who coached swimming (?), got touchy-feely with a student (cheerleader?), left his wife, got busted, did time, and married the young woman. They had twins. 

Slow news day.



hendy [Member] said:

You forgot the $600TRILLION+ LIBOR scandal, the NRA p0wning their politicians (and K Street as usual), the smackdown of the Washington Free Beacon, and other strange events of the day-- like the UK tallying more violent crimes per capita than most places we know in the civilized world. Sigh.

2013-01-30 10:19:23

Tom Greenacres [unverified] said:

hendy, that would be the UK with its Draconian laws against private firearms ownership, the same UK which has seen a huge increase in violent crimes since the ban was enacted?

2013-01-30 21:07:39

hendy [Member] said:

That would be the UK, which is notoriously uniform about reporting, including the reports of crimes not necessarily considered "violent" in the US. There are an insane amount of drinkers in the UK, soccer/football club crowds seeking odd vengeance, and so forth. But higher than the rest of the EU, and yes, the USA, per capita.

2013-01-31 08:25:34

VladTheImpaler [unverified] said:

I vote for the DNR Gestapo vs Deer Rescuers as a Lifetime Movie.

Dumbass DNR officers adorned in German uniforms march past Sanctimonious Gov. Pence Fuhrer (Hitler stache above his lip) with right arm extended in salute as they parade past.

It is government-gone-mad like this that has my hillbilly kin folk adding to their gun collections. They may be on to something.

Governor Pence -- kiss my ass.

2013-01-31 18:15:26

Whitebeard [unverified] said:

Vlad. You brought a really funny moment to my otherwise unpleasant day. Thank you. :)

2013-02-01 14:19:20

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