'Quirky, diverse' newsrooms to be featured on reality TV

Dateline: Tue 29 Jan 2013


Thanks to the friend and reader who sent the above link.

Fascinating that "Newspapers vie for reality show," an idea cooked up by NBC which will allow small-town/community newspapers to participate in a new TV reality show that will take us into that old pressure cooker, the modern news room.

"NBC executives said they were intrigued by how quirky and diverse some newspapers were — from the Kodiak Daily Mirror in Kodiak, Alaska, to the Hungry Horse News, which is run out of a log building near an entrance to Glacier National Park in Montana," writes Christine Haughney of the NY Times.

Those of us who have spent time in newsrooms (not information centers, thank you) know this to be the case: newspapers historically have been the habitat of characters who truly do believe in "truth, justice and the American way," to borrow a line from the old Superman TV show.

I'd watch such a series. With pleasure and relish.


Tom Greenacres [unverified] said:

I'd sure watch it, as one who grew up as a kid in one, who worked as a teen adjacent to one, who watched dad and spouse inhabit one, and who enjoyed the smell of paste and ink and sound of linotypes and wire machines and wondered why everyone didn't want to work in such a fascinating place. And more the wonder: a newsroom in a newspaper is still a fascinating place. Certainly more so than a computer workstation in a basement. Certainly more so than the haridans of Houston, et al.

2013-01-30 21:12:35

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