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Dateline: Tue 15 Jan 2013

Thanks to good buddy Tom Henderson, who keeps up with big media trends in Silicon Valley via Tom Foremski, former FT print journalist, now a blogger

Foremski's prediction for 2013 is the unstoppable rise of big corporate media and the "deflationary spiral" of content.

He says:

"As traditional media organizations struggle and mostly fail to deal with the massive changes disrupting their industry, corporations are rushing in to fill some of the empty spaces by creating their own media content. 

"Every company is a media company -- not because they want to be but because they have to be. They have to be seen in the world or they cease to exist, which is why they are ramping up their output of corporate media. And we are just at the start of this trend....

"Since the traditional sources of high quality media, the newspapers, trade publications, magazines,TV shows, etc, aren't producing enough of it, corporations have to produce it themselves.

"This trend could be viewed as stop gap measure that buys time until traditional media businesses figure out their new business models, and start growing again. But it's not. There has been a fundamental shift in the business of all media that can't be turned back...

"The reason the rise in corporate media is unstoppable is because the disruption in the media industry is unstoppable.

"When your industry is in the path of a disruptive technology huge numbers of businesses will not survive -- no matter what they do. This is why disruptive technologies are called disruptive and not because it's an edgy term."

Finally, the killer:

"When I met Simon Sproule, Nissan's head of global marketing late last year, I asked him why not just sponsor a TV news show? Why go through the trouble of a very steep learning curve in figuring how to build, staff, and operate a TV news show?

His answer shocked me but it also confirmed that my seven year old analysis of the global media industry was spot on. He said he didn't trust that traditional media companies would succeed in figuring out the new business models."


hendy [Member] said:

I would add that the rise of analytics (the info you give up when you browse media) is becoming more valuable by the day, and an additional motivation for corporations to look at doing media that they, themselves, can control.

2013-01-15 13:19:31

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