La, how the life goes on

Dateline: Tue 05 Feb 2013

Former Indianapolis Star and News features reporter Abe Aamidor's latest short story, "Work One," has been published this February  in Garbanzo Literary Journal, Volume 2.

The story, says Aamidor, deals with an unemployed Indianapolis Public School teacher who is laid off and must apply for unemployment benefits with the state of Indiana; he encounters a world he thought he was immune from, and he must reconsider his life.

Garbanzo Literary Journal has been described as "an overflowing cornucopia of literary goodness" by Sean Stewart of New Pages, a site that reviews small literary journals, adds Aamidor.

Take lessons. He's making a name for himself in fiction. Good show.

More later on all those literary journals out there and how an aspiring writer of fiction can work them. Tips tk from Abe.


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