Charred toast, fried. No tip

Dateline: Sat 02 Feb 2013

Thanks to the Interwebs and blogger/journalist R.L. Stoller for keeping intricate tabs on the biggest PR clusterfudge of the day. That would be Applebee's efforts to dodge a million Internet bullets for trying to cover up a customer's petty efforts to embarrass a server who deserved an 18 percent tip.

My only comment, at this point: Applebee's should reduce their menu to charred fried toast, since that's all they've got left.

But how delicious.


postscript: R.L. Stoller is a working journalist/investigative writer at the Eugene Daily News in Oregon. He also graduated from a Great Books college (St. John's in New Mexico). More like this.



rob [unverified] said:

All I can say is an overreaction but all the parties involved, except possibly the original server. The customer, passive-aggrasive about the automatic tip on a $35 meal (18% tip was something around $6.30 ). The server who showed the comment to the server who posted it, most likely venting about the cheapness of the customer). The server who posted it (Umm, not your business). Applebees who could have apologized to the customer and chosen to let it go, upped the ante by firing the actual server instead. Then dug deeper when they started defending their cowardly act.

I am not really fond of taking a situtation that should have remained private, to social media. It promotes rudeness.

2013-02-02 14:38:11

hendy [Member] said:

18% is a bit high. OTOH, being a scrooge is a bit low. OTOH, waving around someones lack of promise is ugly. OTOH, workers ought to get paid a living wage. OTOH, Applebees would probably go bankrupt. Ohhh......wait...

2013-02-02 19:17:36

Ms. Cynical [unverified] said:

Attention business schools: this is a case study on social media.

2013-02-03 11:10:56

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