When culture frays

Dateline: Tue 26 Jun 2012

Victor David Hanson, writing "Culture Still Matters" in National Review Online, lists some interesting indications that a culture is unraveling:

"Do average passersby throw down or pick up litter? After a minor fender-bender, do drivers politely exchange information, or do they scream and yell....is honking constant or sporadic? Are crosswalks sancrosanct? Can you drink the tap water, or should you avoid it?..."

After reading Will Higgins' Sunday story about the abuse heaped on Betty Cockrum, CEO of Planned Parenthood of Indiana -- she is called "Betty Cockroach" and "you filty murderer" by screaming members of the Intercessors for Life, at her own home, yet,  -- I have to wonder if the "abortion wars" aren't yet another sign of a failing culture.

It's not that we shouldn't disagree; it's how we go about it.

Not being a fan of PP myself, I was prepared to dislike Higgins' profile of Cockrum, and I'm still questioning whether equal treatment will be given "the other side" -- when do we ever get to read a big takeout about Mike Fichter, head of Indiana Right to Life, in the Star?

But leftwing journalistic MSM bias aside, I loved the story about Betty. The insight into her background -- growing up poor, brothers who got girlfriends preggers at an early age, donating 25 cents a week at her first job to PP -- it all computes. You get a full sense of the person.

Of course, pictures tell a 1,000 words, and video is even more full of itself. Hence I recommend you watch the Intercessors' video where BC is verbally assaulted at the Statehouse; the look on her face is evocative -- doughy, vulnerable, with this sort of shy smile -- forebearing, I suppose. The whole experience is enough to make the woman eminently likeable, or at least lovable, since we are all that, in theory. Also, can anyone say bullying?  That's really the Intercessors' MO.

Here are some links, so you can check it all out yourselves:







quick & easy loans [unverified] said:

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2012-06-26 11:05:16

hendy [Member] said:

Well done, Ruth.

2012-06-26 12:39:13

Whitebeard [unverified] said:

That story says much more about the relatively few whackos who are inclined to try to intimidate anyone in a public position than it does about the pro-life people en masse.

Last time I checked, polls showed that close to 50 percent of Americans consider themselves "pro life." But yet we don't see multiple thousands of angry pro-lifers surrounding Planned Parenthood faciliities to shout out threats.

Speaking of the insults of whackos......"respected" national journalist Chris Hitchens made it his personal campaign to attack and insult Mother Teresa.

2012-06-26 13:44:50

Perelandra [unverified] said:

I've done my share of praying at abortion clinics over the past two decades. The only instance of vile, muchless hostile, behavior I ever witnessed was when a handful of faux-Anarchist teens harassed us for an hour outside the old abortion place at 38th and Parker. They screamed their crude and blasphemous slogans straight into our faces after breaking into the prayer circle. It happened two or three Saturdays in a row. Neither the STAR nor NEWS thought this worthy of coverage.

How many people were berating Cockrun? Who are they? Their tactics didn't square with the mission statement posted on the website of Intercessors for Life. Do their national leaders know? Did Will Higgins make any effort to find out? Or would that have spoiled the story?

2012-06-26 22:30:50

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

Perelandra: when folks get nasty at otherwise-peaceful demonstrations, it could be a multitude of things....mostly, it's renegade members of protest groups. The larger group can't always be fully-responsible for the actions of the renegades.

Which is why, when these vile protests happen, the larger group should speak out and denounce it. But they don't.

I like Betty C. Her mission? Uncertain. But the article was superb. Whether the editors similarly-profile 180-degree opposites is for editors to determine.

Now, if we could just find some good editors in this town....Buehler? Buehler?

2012-06-27 07:22:44

Tom Greenacres [unverified] said:

God save me from zealots of any stripe. Especially the quiet ones who intentionally provoke the loud ones.

2012-06-29 06:53:45

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