Cockroach HQ on the market

Dateline: Fri 27 Jul 2012|topnews|text|

From today's online edition:

"After more than 100 years in its current location, The Indianapolis Star is putting its Downtown building up for sale. 

"President and Publisher Karen Crotchfelt announced Friday The Star will be looking for new office space that better suits the size and needs of the media company in a digital age. Crotchfelt said the company is committed to relocating Downtown. There is no timeline for a sale or move."

Boyohboy, that building is no prize -- cobbled together out of two or three existing buildings, with all sorts of crazy doors leading to the old American Building, plus the bowels where the presses used to all that ink stink from days gone by....

Least we forget God's itty bitty creatures, 307 N. Penn was and probably still is a happy home to scores of mice and cockroaches. Not a fun place for lunch, altho the little ones would disagree.

Mid-day mouse sightings were not uncommon, and one scalliwag even sent a dead (but alas fake) fur mouse smeared with blood through the pneumotic tube system, the better to get a shriek out of Miss Myrta Pulliam . And as for cockroaches, I think Bonnie Britton has a story to tell about a big one (Get well faster, Bon, so you can enlighten us).

Been re-reading "Star in the Hoosier Sky," Bo Connor's terrific and often hilarious non-fiction tribute to the days when the newspaper really was a star in these parts. Let's just say that in addition to mice and roaches, the new buyer will also inherit the ghosts of a few hundred alcoholics who managed to both drink copiously on the job and still put the paper out. The good old days? Right.

Bring on the digitals. Move 'em out, head 'em on.


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