Priest goes to prison (where thugs go)

Dateline: Wed 25 Jul 2012

Glad to see in the New York Times this morning that Msgr. William Lynn of the Philadelphia Roman Catholic Archdiocese has been sentenced to three to six years in prison for covering up crimes against humanity -- he ignored and actually hid sex abuse by priests under his supervision.

If you really want to understand what happend in the city of Brotherly Love and in the church overall, you have to read the Rolling Stone article from Sept. 6, 2011. I ran across it at the home of a young Catholic family in the neighborhood, and in my view, it is the best investigation into and explanation of the church scandal I've ever seen.

The main point being, these higher-ups, and especially but not exclusively William Lynn, were invested only in themselves and in protecting "their thing." (Lynn was more of a mindless bureaucrat than anything; "I vas just following orders.")

Here's an excerpt from the story, quoting one of the prosecuters investigating the case (the team of prosecuting lawyers were nicknamed the God Squad).

"The God Squad had no idea what they were in for. The archdiocese fought the investigation at every turn.

"It was like trying to infiltrate a racketeering organization," recalls former Assistant District Attorney Will Spade. "Most of these guys just seemed to be in the wrong professions.

"They weren't kind or understanding or any of the things a priest should be. They were just thugs."

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Tell The Truth [Member] said:

A sad commentary. Here's hoping the youths involved have found peace.

It was just as bad here. In the Lafayette Diocese, a church official named Schweier (Msgr. or Bishop...?) artfully dodged numerous attempts to look at personnel records. For quite some time.

Turns out the Diocese kept very accurate personnel records. And when they were finally demanded by a court that had balls, the church folded like a cheap tent.

The "offending" priests were allegedly shipped to a "conference" center in Hartford City named the Pope John XXIII Center. There, they "meditated" for long periods of time. One can assume through this process that:

The Church knew enough, after one or more parish transfers, to put the worst offenders far away from youth.

I can't help but wonder how much of this pent-up sexual tension would be relieved, if priests cold marry. Few other denominations, where marrying is allowed, have the scandals this deep and wide.

2012-07-25 13:27:52

hendy [Member] said:

Another Pennsylvania sex incident. Rick Santorum (saying his last name makes me smile, thank you Dan Savage) where is your outrage?


2012-07-25 20:27:04

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

Santorum. A verb, I think. (giggle)

2012-07-26 12:33:21

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