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Dateline: Mon 23 Jul 2012

First, Indiana House Rep. Pat Bauer should exit his post as minority leader in the Indiana legislature. His own party -- the progressives among them, anyhow -- want him out. Every dog has his day; Bauer did. It's over. Time to move on.

The problem? He is associated in the voting public's mind with reactionary, throw-back and frankly clownish politics. He has not kept up.

Those of you who care about our dysfunctional legislature should please urge your Democrat reps to keep the pressure on Pat.

Second, during a time when everyone yammers on about the bully factor, the Army Corps of Engineers is the country's biggest bully. They have a rep of never backing down and never doing what citizens want, no matter how reasonable the requests are.

The whole canal/floodwall issue in the Butler Tarkington and Rocky Ripple neighborhoods has been a fiasco -- in the sense that we residents never had any real input.

The hidden agenda is to drown Rocky Ripple, in my view. A well-placed real estate agent with a family member living in RR explained in 2008, "The city is just waiting for that place to flood and fill up like a toilet bowl. Then the city will come in, condemn all the properties, tear 'em down and build expensive river high-rise apartments and condos."

This, I believe.

A friend said the only way to deal with the Corps is to go over their heads. Again, talk to your congressmen. The Corps is practically invincible, but everyone has their betters. So spread the word.

Also, if you live in or near the area, keep your eye posted for neighorhood meetings on the subject.  The "public comment" part of this debate is set to end Aug. 13. 

Thanks to Jon Murray at the Star for keeping his finger in the dike.






Tell The Truth [Member] said:

Bauer is the old-line face of Hoosier politics. Aside from the toupee jokes, he's become a joke. But here was the real rub: each caucus's leader control precious campaign funds, and Pat has effed it up too long. Ask around.

He advised, led and promoted the Dem walkout two years ago. It was regretable; if for no other reason than it took the spotlight away from the legislture's new far-right majority's overwhelmingly social agenda.

But here's a basic rule in Political Coups 101: know how to count. And another; if you try to take out a bear, kill him, don't wound him.

Pat Bauer is without a doubt the most-vindictive politician in Indiana. He makes some of Mitch's antics look like kindergarten. If he survives, there will be retribution. Serious payback.

For that reason alone, he must go.

2012-07-23 18:58:39

Whitebeard [unverified] said:

I'm not an "insider" like many of the people here, so I don't know a lot about Bauer except that he's had the gonads to take on Republicans rather than sing "Kumbaya" to them like Obama has.

I hope his replacement will have sufficient testosterone to deal with the rampaging right-wing Republicans who are now holding the sanity of our state hostage.

2012-07-23 19:16:03

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

Obama has sung Kumbaya to Republicans? I missed that. He gets criticized--often--for not reaching out enough to the other side.

I never cease to be amazed at the myriad interpretations of the President's moves. He's the first president in my lifetime to draw such varied reactions from folks--all across the board--reality be damned.,

Folks seem to design their own reality to fit their opinions of him. It's fascinating.

But, back to Bauer: Whitebeard, it's not about working with political opponents. It's about inspiring your faithful, too, and on that score, Pat has failed. Miserably. For years.

I'll give you this; he plays for keeps. Bare-knuckle politics. No surprises.

2012-07-24 05:27:41

hendy [Member] said:

Pat Bauer was once called a "terrorist" by the President-elect of Purdue University, Gov Mitch Daniels. For that, he has my respect. He lost my respect long ago, by the dirty politics of pushing everything to the final hours of a session, and cooking bills without public input or redress. For that, he robbed Hoosiers of due process.

Rocky Ripple can join Ravenswood as bi-annual bottom land for White River overflow. Just because you pick a crummy place to build your house doesn't mean that the Corps or anyone else has to bail you. If they need Bowen Engineering to build an extension of the long-walls protecting vast more real estates from the whimsy of the White River, they could pay the freaking taxes necessary and do it themselves. This is what "levies" (pun intended) are all about. The City would have just as much trouble getting zoning done there as the current residents, so the foolish paranoid threat of an eminent domain takeover is just hilarious. Someone took a while to think up that meme, and should be rewarded in more gin-- because that's what it took to cook that one up.

2012-07-24 07:33:07

Ray Boomhower [unverified] said:

The only one I know of who stood up to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and won was the late Indiana congressman Jim Jontz. Back in the 1970s Jontz joined with those living in Warren County, Indiana, to stop a planned reservoir on Big Pine Creek. Jontz ran for state rep, won, and fought against the project in the Indiana legislator. After years of effort, the Corps finally relented and the project was killed. As Jontz noted, people can sometimes make a difference.

2012-07-24 09:01:00

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

Jim was a gem.

2012-07-24 13:53:38

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

Now we learn from some excellent Star reporting, that Bauer changed the bank housing the Dems campaign fund. In the last week or so. To an account where only he has access.

Rumor is he's out by the end of the week, specifically at a caucus to be held in Lafayette.

But I wouldn't bet against him.

And for the record, this is a heckuva way to prove your lack of competence.

2012-07-25 13:30:05

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