Journalism: the twilight zone

Dateline: Tue 03 Jul 2012

This outsourcing is nothing new to those who follow journalism trends, but it's somewhat shocking nonetheless, especially when you understand how this plays out: reporters in Chicago generating stories about Houston, or reporters in the Phillipines taking care of business for American newspapers.

At least people in the Phillipines are getting paid pennies to produce this stuff. Here, $4 an hour; maybe $12 a story. Good googamooga.

Thanks to Bud and Bess for the red alert....

More to come.


hendy [Member] said:

I listened to this and wanted to be shocked, but I wasn't. We're willing to settle for many things if they're "freely" presented. Each day, you watch YouTube, or do a Google search and think nothing of it. But then, you didn't see their Terms of Service, which largely digest far more about you than the query you made, or the video you watched. I laugh: you think it was free. The Filipino "writers" doing this at least are getting paid in a more honest way. Sad, but honest. And it proves that publishers can be sucked into outsourcing, too. This means you: remaining Gannett employees.

2012-07-03 08:35:32

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