Media moves: Heather Gillers, David Zivan

Dateline: Wed 18 Jan 2012

The above link to Indianapolis Star reporter Heather Gillers' story Jan. 9 -- "Why the Capital clamor? Money" --- is typical of her skill as an investigative-style reporter.

While everyone else was climbing up on a perch and shrieking shrilly about this legislation, both for and against, Gillers did her homework and followed the piles of cash to the truth.

She wrote:

"Lawmakers insist this is a battle over principles. Republicans say the legislation will help bring jobs to Indiana. Democrats say it will lower wages.

"But political analysts say this battle is mostly about something else, something really worth fighting for.

"Power. And money...

"There is perhaps no more important constituent to Democrats than labor unions.

"They contribute money to help candidates run for election. They pour money into the state party. They help fund the political action committees that support party efforts.

"Since 2005, various branches of the AFL-CIO have given more than $1.2 million in state campaign contributions, almost entirely to Democratic candidates and committees. The Service Employees International Union gave $2.7 million, also mostly to Democrats."

That's solid reporting (she also nails R's for being the lap dog of business). The only criticism is that this story was long overdue; many of us already knew the hidden agenda, but it just did not get covered in print.

Gillers typically breaks out with her stories; she's tough and tenacious and thoughtful. No wonder she's leaving the Star and going to the Chicago Tribune, according to a source.

We wish her well.

Meanwhile, on down the street at Indianapolis Monthly magazine, what's the inside story on the abrupt departure of editor David Zivan? Indianapolis Business Journal's Greg Andrews reported Jan. 11 -- last Wednesday -- that Zivan "is out as editor after six years in the post." Nobody at Emmis would talk about the circumstances of his departure; Zivan himself simply said in an email he had "a great six years" and praised the staff as "terrific."

So what gives? Rumors are swirling. Better the truth?

Good luck to Zivan, too.



hendy [Member] said:

The hidden agenda was in plain sight. Kill the unions, get rewarded by major campaign contributions. After all, those pesky unions are killing America. Didn't you know that? Sorry for the sarcasm. It'll be tough to see her go, but more power to her; there's lots of evil to write about in Chicagoland.

As for Zivan, I'm glad he got out while the getting is good. Emmis needs a management suite cleansing.

2012-01-18 08:27:21

Whitebeard [unverified] said:

I can't seem to find the "news" in this article regarding Right to Work. Yeah, Democrats have historically been supported by labor unions and big business has historically been supported by Republicans. So what's new? How is that a revelation?

The Republican agenda in all of this is basically to rid the state of all unions. Daniels first squashed the state workers' union, then the teachers' unions, now he's going after the WORLD of unions. Agent 007 1/2.

Hendy, no need to aplogize to me for the sarcasm.

2012-01-18 11:51:29

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

Emmis needs a complete management suite enema.

2012-01-19 20:35:21

Tom Greenacres [unverified] said:

The Richmond P-I ran an indepth piece on Right To Work, with state by state analysis...and pointed out that over the past decade, Hoosier wages have improved so little as to place us 48th nationally for wage gains.

The state's onerous gas tax and sales tax are among the highest in the nation and right now really effect home heating costs.

And BTW, Obama has had 3 years to figure out the Keystone Pipeline. He needs more time to study it? The man is a slow reader. And Indiana GOP legislators are slow to understand that RTW does not create good jobs. (It may create call centers.) I suspect they know all too well that "good" jobs are not a result of RTW.

2012-01-20 05:44:18

hendy [Member] said:

TG-- it's an open attempt to crush unions.

The McJobs you get when all you offer is low cost-of-living and no unions are just the kind that the hillbilly mentality would love. Gets them off welfare, too!

I'd sing the praises, but now that there's a bill that would put me in jail for waving on the Star Spangled Banner, perhaps I shouldn't open my big fat mouth.

2012-01-20 11:39:49

georgia cravey [unverified] said:

oh, I liked heather's reporting. she was a bright star & she's leaving.

2012-01-20 23:18:52

crjgtxcdros [unverified] said:

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2012-01-21 19:20:07

Write Man [Member] said:

Re: Heather...a nice kid, but still definitely a kid (I worked with her on a coupla stories and was a little surprised by her lack of preparation). That was last year, so maybe she's gotten better.

Re: DZ. I wrote for him a few times, a really good editor interested in great storytelling, but he presided over some very rocky times at IMM. Lot's of cuts, and lots of "best of" issues meant to stem (IMHO) declining ad sales. I also know EMMIS has (in the past) offered pretty handsome severance packages as reward for both service to the company...and keeping quiet.

Sorry to see 'em both leaving tho...

2012-01-24 16:29:31

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