Where's EDS?

Dateline: Thu 12 Jan 2012

At the "church of the newspaper" this morning, I could not help but notice something -- or someone -- was missing.

Where is Erika D. Smith, metro columnist for the Indianapolis Star?

There's Matt Tully again, taking the turns at moderate speed, never hitting that curb. And while I like and respect Tully, he's too much of one thing: a little too cautious, too earnest, too, well, white/male/Hoosier/predictable (altho I like it when he has a rare foaming fit). Smith, with whom I do not always of course agree, is good when she goes out on a limb and takes on an alternative topic. Both, however, should avoid doing PR for local not-for-profits. Boooring, although of course good training for the next gig.

Anyhow, the Star's website indicates that that child has not had a byline since mid-December or so.  I called the newspaper, but of course, anytime before 8 a.m. means no service. (An unreal 10 a.m. if the issue is delivery).

So I checked on that big ole whore Facebook, where journalists are always lurking, lounging and letting it hang out. As Anthony Schoettle, media reporter for Indianapolis Business Journal, says, money follows eyeballs. Move those readers online, via FB or Twitter or whatever, then to the Star. A quick search for Erika shows that she has a totally open FB page where she tells the world her status. Hence she is accessible to all, not just friends.

Here is her update, posted Tuesday:

"OK people. I haven't quit or been fired. I promise I'm just on vacation. Look for a column this Sunday."

Whomever would dream EDS would quit or be fired? Just everyone. As Amos Brown of RadioOne/Afternoons with Amos/WTLC-AM noted the other day, "Gannett is soooooo dysfunctional."  Many healthy people leave.

But thank the newspaper gods, a few stay. So we'll look for EDS Sunday.


news junkie [Member] said:

The habits of reporters die hard, don't they Ruth.

2012-01-12 15:08:42

citizen X [unverified] said:

You may also want to check Joy Dumandan's situation at WISH TV. An account on this site: http://www.mediabistro.com/tvspy/tag/joy-dumandan
indicated her contract was not renewed, then WISH management refuted that. However she is not to be seen on air at the station since the holidays.

2012-01-13 06:57:54

John Howard [unverified] said:

Their new female talking head just grates on me. She has the exact mouth and smile of Batman's 'Joker' sans the paint job and the giddiness overload coming through my screen when she's on drives me to change channels.

2012-01-13 08:18:04

citizen X [unverified] said:

Hi John:

That is an interesting comment. She has the exact same impact on me. I think local TV has become a haven for wannabe actors and actresses.

2012-01-13 08:47:13

Whitebeard [unverified] said:

Ref. John and X:

I often wonder if it is a requirement that candidates for new TV hires bring in a "Proof of Bipolar" diagnosis from a licensed mental health professional.

Either that, or station management shows them videos of bipolar peoples' behavior and tells the new hires to mimic it.

Even the Weather Channel people are acting like manics overdosed on energy drinks these days.

To the subject of this blog article. I think this young woman, Erika Smith, seems to be pretty level-headed for her age. But I wonder if The Star is giving her any freedom to write about what she believes to be important. When she has, it often has been excellent.

Don't get me started on Tully. He should be working for a weekly someplace like Hog Waller, Ky.

2012-01-13 13:51:37

hendy [Member] said:

I liked EDS's stuff when I used to subscribe to The Star. Now I don't. And since I watch a total of maybe 20hrs of TV a month (in a bad month), I haven't seen her, or the other manic/depressives you speak of.

And I consider myself: in no way deprived. Media moved down the street in my mental neighborhood. Now I catch people on Twitter, Reddit, Dig, Facebook, +, or playing blues on Tuesday nights at the local saloon.

My idiot box wasn't made by Admiral or Westinghouse or Motorola, it was made by Apple.....

2012-01-13 17:00:17

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

Citizen and JH: local tV news has been such for years. Where ya been? And their producers give new meanign to the phrase: "If it bleeds it leads." Just frightening.

Radio isn't much better.

We're so damend media-starved in this town, and have been for years, that we don't recognize God-awful journalism when we see it.

There's plenty of it around. Ahern used to anchor a whole half-hour of it.

2012-01-15 13:16:40

hendy [Member] said:

Today, EDS does a great job of reeling about the smoking laws, expressing her doubt about their passage in the legislature, and questioning the timing.

I don't care anymore about the timing, so long as the timing is yesterday. SuperBowl, doesn't matter. This is a backwater podunk state, in a mad rush to be Alabama of 1956, worse than a race to the bottom.

Kill the unions (cause the bosses are so good!). Mandate school prayer, because we're all Christian evangelicals. Can you hear my teeth grinding? I'm going to need dentures at this rate.

2012-01-15 16:37:52

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