Punishing the Guild

Dateline: Fri 24 Feb 2012

Here's an email from Indy Guild prez Bobby King about the magnaminous Karen Crotchfelt, publisher of the Indianapolis Star --

"Subject: Guild people NOT being offered buyouts


"Karen is telling us that she will not be offering buyouts to people covered by the GUILD contract, saying she is "not inclined to do so."

"Enjoy today's thank you party for your good work during the Super Bowl.


What a cheap shot from the crotch.

Gannett may build its paywall and God knows it is running its in-house ads promoting its small stable of writers and editors still left standing, but those of us who support decency and integrity will never support Gannett as it is now being run.

The latest news about Gannett going "on the offensive" means only one thing: more job loss. More cutbacks. And more money for investors and corporate.

Hate them, hate them.


Quixmundi [unverified] said:

The Star's full page ad touting the small group of editors/writers is a laughably visual example of how few are left turning out the daily news in a major metropolitan city.

2012-02-25 15:16:52

escapedbeforebeinggannettized [unverified] said:

Gannett thinking that they are going to generate $100 million in revenue for subscribers to pay to have access to on-line content is a pipe dream. When Barbara Henry was here, I was told she explored that extensively with focus groups, polls, etc. and found out that only a small % of people were willng to pay for on-line web content & that was 5 years ago when the economy was good. There are too many places to get your news locally with the broadcast stations. There are not enough stories unique to the Star for a large number of people to subscribe to it. Whatever ones there are will be covered by the tv stations that day if they are worth being picked up and covered.
They will generate on-line payees, but it will not even come close to their projections & goals. With 80 newspapers, that averages $1.25 million per property.
That dog ain't gonna hunt.
Factor in the cost of setting up the programs, the billing system, the IT staff to implement & maintain, etc. and they'll likely lose money.
Good luck on that...they're going to need it. Another brain-fart idea of just how to generate revenue and not focusing on how to improve what they already have & be the best at that.

2012-02-25 19:43:41

Pete [unverified] said:

Someone with "decency and integrity" couldn't have supported -- or worked for -- Gannett in the first place.

2012-02-26 10:25:55

Pete [unverified] said:

During the Gannett Guild pity party, let's include this:

Newspaper Ad Revenues Fall to 60-Yr. Low in 2011

The decline in newspaper ad revenues to a 60-year low is amazing by itself, but the sharp decline in recent years is pretty stunning. Last year's ad revenues of about $21 billion were less than half of the $46 billion spent just four years ago in 2007, and less than one-third of the $64 billion spent in 2000.

And even when online advertising is added to the print ads, the combined total spending for print and online advertising in 2011 will still only be about $22.6 billion, just slightly more than the $22.5 billion spent on print advertising in 1954.

Soon the Guilders will be put out of their misery, and so will the rest of us.

2012-02-26 21:57:35

escapedbeforebeinggannettized [unverified] said:

Pete: The comment you made about someone working for Gannett who had any "decency" or "integrity" would not have worked for them in the first place is insipid. I, and hundreds/thousands of others, worked for the Star and the Pulliams for several years before Gannett walked in the door on Aug. 1 of 2000. What were we all supposed to do, get up and leave? Additionally, a lot of good and decent people work for bad companies. Earning a livihood and supporting your family is what is decent and full of integrity.

2012-02-29 08:36:11

Pete [unverified] said:

The word that looms is hypocrisy. This is a forum for people who gladly took Gannett's money until they got the pink slip, and only then decided to bitch.

A job ain't an entitlement. If you don't like it, then quit it and move on.

2012-03-01 11:05:49

hendy [Member] said:

Not really. I was a Indpls News paperboy. There, I admit it, a nascent pawn of the fifth estate. Kill me now.

I watch mostly ex-Star/News types here, dumbstruck that the Interent killed their former employers so quickly. McLuhan could have told you: new medium, new game.

I'm in Barcelona today, watching the tail end of a mobiles show. News and features are now a different set of dimensions. Tin type is a long thing of the past. I posted a picture of the Barcelona student riots as they were going down my street and it hit AP and paid me all within about eleven minutes, from "what the hell is that!" to money in my account.

People that come here are still in the shock phase regarding the nuke that hit publishing, and the malaise that slowly continues to kill Indianapolis specifically, and Indiana, generally. We are the new Alabama. All Hail Stupidity (and watch out for those nefarious Girl Scouts, too!)

2012-03-02 06:12:54

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