Heather Has Two Mallomars; or does she?

Dateline: Fri 24 Feb 2012

Indiana state Rep. Bob Morris of Fort Wayne is the gift that keeps on giving: now he's apologized for his intemperate remarks regarding the Girl Scouts (he called them a "radicalized organization" and a "tactical arm of Planned Parenthood" and alleged that they "promote a homosexual lifestylyle."

But he still won't sign any resolution honoring their 100th anniversary.

Hate is having to say you're sorry, but still not ceding your point.

Ms. Cynical, a blog reader, and blogger Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana both shed light on the fray, altho my favorite commentary came from Conan O'Brien, who riffed on the whole thing, coining a bunch of new names for Girl Scout cookes: Heather Has Two Mallomars, Roe. v. Wafers, Sodomints and Lady Fingers in Lady Parts, to name a few.

Still, back to the original issue: Morris said he'd done some internet research and discovered a link between PP and GSA. Then he was off and running.

Said Welsh,

"I think Rep. Morris may have been painting with a wide brush, but there is a legitimate debate at how the GSA has been transformed in recent years. This article written by a girl scout mother about a year ago was what helped spark the controversy. http://dailycaller.com/2010/03/24/salacious-scouts-make-new-sex-partners-and-keep-the-old/

Here's the essence of it, dated 3/24/2010, from blogger Sharon Slater, who calls herself a "reluctant witness against the Girl Scouts":

"On March 1, while I was participating in the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) at the United Nations, I was asked to leave a closed-door, “girls only” meeting sponsored by the Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA). As soon as the meeting ended, I entered the room, and from a stack on the back table, picked up a booklet, “Healthy, Happy, and Hot,” produced by the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF). I was stunned as I flipped through the page."

Slater then said she reported in a newsletter that this "vulgar booklet was available to the girls in the meeting. Various news sources picked up the story, and the Girl Scouts promptly issued an official statement in which they denied that GSUSA had distributed booklets and suggested that they had been left by a previous group using the same room.

"However," (she continues) "this was the first day of the conference, and the few groups that used the room before the Girls Scouts addressed topics completely unrelated to those in the booklet. Since we broke the news story, two young women who were at the Girls Only meeting have contacted me to report that they also saw the inappropriate eye-catching brochures on the table, as well as in the hands of several of the teenage participants in the Girl Scout meeting."

What this comes down to is yet another example of extreme culture wars. The Girl Scouts are many things, but to single them out as a radical orgianization hell-bent on promoting a lesbian lifestyle is bad craziness, and Slater makes perhaps one too many leaps of judgment or relies too heavily on circumstantial evidence. The GS did, after all, immediately deny any involvement....

On the other hand, it seems the GS themselves provided the fuel for this fire, or at least lit a spark. And then there's that YouTube video with the GS CEO citing Planned Parenthood as one of the GS partners, plus the acknowledgement that GS in some parts of the country may partner with organizations of their own choice....including PP (or a conservative group).

No wonder some of us long for a hermitage. It's just too chaotic out there anymore. 

Finally, Snopes has finally weighed in. Here is a more detailed impartial look at the brouhaha, chapter and verse:





IndyRob [unverified] said:

My sons were Boy Scouts,; my daughter was a Girl Scout. On the local level, I would say the experiences that they had were overall positive which I think is pretty typical.
I do have concerns about the national organizations, I think that they have political agendas, that the CEO have forgotten that it is about the scouts, and that the CEOs are overpaid political hacks.
Given that the self described mission of the Boy Scouts is "prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes...", paying the boy scout CEO more than $1 million, and the girl scout CEO more than $500 thousand is hypocritical.

2012-02-24 19:03:37

Jake [unverified] said:

In the video of the CEO of Girl Scouts on YouTube she says "we do across the country tackle the issues of human sexuality, and body image, and all of the things that girls are facing." To do this, she says, the GS "partner" with groups including "Planned Parenthood organizations across the country to bring information-based sex education to girls." ("Information-based" is presumably prevailing brain dead corporatist jargon meaning "accurate," and undoubtedly the opposite of "fun.")


The GS are part of the Axis of Liberalism (we know what's best for you-style) that has ardently worked to supplant parents -- whose views are often inconveniently unliberal (but not necessarily illiberal) -- with caring, controlling experts and their acolytes. This is ground-zero in the "culture wars," and includes on the liberal side the YMCA, YWCA, mainline Christian denominations, almost any government welfare agency, and, most of all, the public schools. (It is overwhelmingly the viewpoint that prevails among MSM journalists, too.) It is against this liberal orthodoxy that the evangelical Right arose, but it also bothers a considerable number of Americans who have secular concerns that management of life by experts is creeping totalitarianism. (As in, boys -- seminal members of the evil and unnecessary sex -- may not play war with finger guns.)

This brings to mind Karl Kraus' quip: "Sex education: the method, justified by appeals to hygiene, by which we prevent young people from satisfying their own curiosities." And in case the unwashed think Kraus was a conservative, he also said, "Christianity has enriched the erotic meal with the appetizer of curiosity, and spoiled it with the dessert of remorse."

2012-02-26 07:25:28

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

Thank God Jake lives in a Limbaugh dream world. Pass the Samoas.

2012-02-27 03:34:32

hendy [Member] said:

Heaven help the Hot. Stone them, Gouge your eyes out. Women are to have no sexuality and may not have sex, no sex, not anywhere outside of the confines of Leviticus, where they are unclean, unfit, and must be unshaven.

Women? Hot? GOD FORBID!! Advice on sex-- you'll just encourage them! You're creating S L U T S!!!!! STOP THIS before GOD strikes you DEAD!

2012-02-28 02:44:52

Jake [unverified] said:

Why does this blog attract illiterates?

2012-02-28 09:59:05

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