Susan Guyett: working press, stand back

Dateline: Thu 02 Feb 2012

The word was out that Susan Guyett, former Indianapolis Star columnist who wrote the popular social column "Talk of Our Town" until she was RIF'd and replaced by a younger employee (Cathy Knightlinger), was back in the news workforce.

(Point here: Guyett was let go and told by HR that her column was history, only to discover that in fact it was continuing and being crafted by a younger -- read less costly -- employee. The format remains the same, and Guyett's work and competence were never in question).

A friend had reported that Susan was a stringer for Reuters news service, and so she is. See her story above on the right to work issue in Indiana.

Good luck to Susan, both in her new role and especially in her lawsuit against Gannett and the Indianapolis Star for age discrimination and unfair labor practices.

Guyett is 63 years old. As Archie said to Mehitabel, "there's life in the old dame yet."

(With profound gratitude to Don Marquis, a journalist and poet who is "the boss" in the fabled tale of the cockroach Archie. Archie typed out his humble poems about life in the newsroom and the big city, late at night, when nobody was around, jumping from one key to another. Among the cast Marquis assembled is Mehitabel the cat, who had so many lives.

This is "mehitabel dances with boreas"

well boss i saw mehitabel
last evening
she was out in the alley
dancing on the cold cobbles
while the wild december wind
blew through her frozen whiskers
and as she danced
she wailed and sang to herself
uttering the fragments
that rattled in her cold brain
in part as follows

whirl mehitabel whirl
spin mehitabel spin

thank god you re a lady still

if you have got frozen skin

blow wind out of the north
to hell with being a pet
my left front foot is brittle
but there’s life in the old dame yet


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