2 library bosses -- Mielke and Szynaka -- lose jobs

Dateline: Mon 10 Dec 2012

Sometimes there is justice.

Linda Mielke, who thought libraries were about DVD collections when she ran the Indianapolis Marion County Public Library, was canned as director of the Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System and the James Prendergast Library Association in New York.

This is old news; the local newspaper reported it Sept. 7.


On another bright note, another former Indy library chief just lost his job in Peoria, Ill. That would be Ed  Szynaka, who for six years headed the Peoria Public Library in Illinois. He was fired Dec. 4.

Neither of these individuals had any business running libraries or even calling themselves librarians. Although a friend points out that Szynaka did build new branches here, and bravo for that, he was a troubled individual whose time in Indianapolis was very uneven. Too much drama.

Mielke is of the ilk who dismantles libraries. She treated books and collections with contempt; she wasn't good with human beings, either.

Here's the link on Ed's termination:



Homer [Member] said:

We pitched the library for PR work some years ago when Mielke was running the system and its reputation into the ground. She was foul-mouthed, impolitic and closed-minded in talking to us, who had never met her. My main question leaving the meeting was how she ever got the job here.

2012-12-11 05:54:43

farm girl [unverified] said:

The hatred of books thing happened in the Plainfield Library, too, with much of the archives being sold off. The library was remodeled to resemble the DVD section of Barnes and Noble. There were still a few books, pushed back in a corner. There was some public outcry and now, I am told, it looks a bit more like a library. I'll have to check in the spring.

2012-12-11 07:00:59

hendy [Member] said:

Jackie Nytes seems to have taken the mess of the IMCPL and turned it around. Before her stint on the I-MC CC, she'd worked in top management there. Seems to have stabilized.

2012-12-11 10:21:50

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