Dateline: Tue 21 Aug 2012

This is from former Indianapolis Star copy editor Gail Alexander, who left the paper (RIF'd) and has found both other ways to pay the bills and meaningful work.

Here's her tip:

"We’re hiring copywriters and builders (designers) (at Yellow Pages Group) so if you know of folks who need a job, could you pass this along?

"There are lots of young people here, but they also welcome us old farts. Paid time off is generous but the pay is closer to entry-level than old fart pay. There is health insurance; it’s not premium but it’s better than nothing. Here is the link:


Gail is hardly an old fart. We all know who is.

Here is what she says about her time since leaving the newspaper:

"My current title is copywriting specialist but I’m also in the running for another job, so I may not be here much longer. Still it’s a good stable place to work. Since leaving The Star, I’ve done a little of everything including running the teleprompter at Channel 6 last summer. My Census work (a year and a half) was the longest and best-paying. I was a partnership specialist (PR work) and regional technician, where I managed the Columbus Census office for a couple months and helped close the local offices across the state. What I’ve discovered about the over-qualified in the work force is that we need to convince people that we ARE willing to work for less in exchange for stability, insurance and paid time off. I got there by working through Kelly Services and now here. Being able to sell yourself also helps tremendously."

If anyone wants to contact her, this is her email address:



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