Who's chicken? The old gold and black

Dateline: Mon 20 Aug 2012

A little bird, maybe one in the chicken family, says that last week, Purdue University cut its ties with Chick-Fil-A on the campus. As in, no more contract, goodbye you Southern marriage traditionalists, you're off the Lafayette campus. Off the A-list, that's for sure.

This, despite the fact that students overwhelmingly want to have Chick-Fil-A as a campus/food court option. Marketing had done a survery; those pro-chicken sandwich sentiments reportedly were the results.

But Purdue's mighty marketing department hath spoken; that group called the shots.  Gov. Mitch Daniels, aka the new prez of Purdue, was not consulted.

Now that is a chicken move, designed to appease the gay-rights lobby without a peep of protest.

This story may be developing.  Don't count your chickens etc.






hendy [Member] said:

If the move was designed to coalesce an remittance in attitude towards Gay America, it was misplaced. Cathy (the CEO of Chik-Fil-A) can say any old silly stuff he wants to, and the facts don't change. It's truly a tempest in a teapot. It distracts from how Corporate America makes millions of dollars, dare I say BILLIONS? into the campaign coffers of candidates whose agendas are horrible and deceitful. Cathy had the bad sense to be vocal about it. What of the other contributors, the anti-black, anti-Jewish (not Semetic, Jewish), and so forth? Can't we spite them, too??? I'm a vegetarian, so I care not one whit as regards their sales-- but I believe in free speech, even if I don't agree with the speaker or his/her speech. For that reason, they should leave Chik-Fil-A alone-- if that was indeed their motivation.

2012-08-20 16:23:31

Ms. Cynical [unverified] said:

Why should any fast food company have rights to university real estate?

2012-08-20 17:17:54

hendy [Member] said:

They paid for it? Like everyone else? Universities make money any way they can.

2012-08-20 20:31:32

Whitebeard [unverified] said:

I agree with what you wrote, Hendy. And I'm also a vegetarian. Free speech has to be universal. The American Civil Liberties Union has always defended that principle - no matter whose speech it has defended.

2012-08-20 21:30:31

IndyRob [unverified] said:

Funny thing is that google still returns a link to a page for Purdue "Beans" saying that chick-fil a is available. It does not appear to be on the actual page, however.

Any idea who made the decision to pull the franchisee?

2012-08-22 06:59:30

Jason [unverified] said:

I find this a bit surprising, I had always considered Purdue to be a tad on the conservative side. As college campuses go anyway.

Hendy, do you know if the Chick-fil-A in the IU-B Library is still there? I thought they would be the first ones shoved out the door I'm surprised I haven't heard about it yet...

2012-08-22 10:46:48

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