State fairs, "like crops, drooping with heat"

Dateline: Mon 06 Aug 2012

The New York Times had the above story yesterday.

The NYT mentions several Midwestern fairs, including Indiana:

"Even at some of the most established, prestigious fairs, like the Indiana State Fair, which opened Friday, fewer 4-H students were showing beef cattle -- 2,169 down from 2,968 a year ago. And entries in an array of agriculture and horticulture ecompetitions...were down."

Thanks for covering our fair fairly, NYT.




farm girl [unverified] said:

Did they factor in the weather?
Also, modern times has taken its toll on 4-H. The group has tried to keep up, adding categories of which we never dreamed, but few things remain the same in the face of Facebook, twitter and electronic gadgetry.

2012-08-06 10:11:36

hendy [Member] said:

Good point. Lousy budgets this year, given the drought. OTOH, fairs seem to be getting more local.

2012-08-06 10:22:58

Ms. Cynical [unverified] said:

(Surprise!) Great State Fair coverage in The Star today.

Of course, it was in the TASTE section (not Metro/State).

2012-08-10 09:13:04

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