Friends with benefits

Dateline: Tue 17 Apr 2012

In a letter to the editor of this morning's Indianapolis Star, reader Jerry Reeder writes, "I find it inconceivable Gov. Mitch Daniels would keep the people who had the authority and title over the Indiana State Fair in their positions. It is ironic he can release other government employees, such as those responsible for our recent accounting debacle, whose offense was a money issue, yet retain those who were responsible for loss of life and injuries...

"The governor seems to think the qualifications of executive director Cindy Hoye are excellent. It's not rocket science to recognize, when threatening storms are approaching, to get out of the way. A high school student would have done a better job."

So why is Hoye still in her plum position, especially after state fair chairman Andre Lacy bragged about her talents and stressed how easy it would be for her to land another job? (read code for being a Republican hack with connections).

A reader of this blog addressed the issue from an inside track: "For the record, Cheri Daniels (first lady, wife of the gov) and Cindy Hoye are good friends."

Furthermore, says the source, one of the Daniels' daughters is the "official" photographer for the state fair's entertainment venues.

All in the family, but not the best interests of the state of Indiana. Consider the sham exposed.





Tell The Truth [Member] said:

This will not end well. And no, it's not over. Not every victim settled.

2012-04-17 07:42:37

ruthholl [Member] said:

That is good to know. Because the Star quoted someone (victim) who was all about "let's not cast blame, it does no good," which is, in my view, utter nonsense.
If money is the only pain the administration can feel, then inflict the pain on the Daniels' wallet -- make the administration and the state pay.
Also, Hoye's firing would be more than a symbolic gesture. It would show that their man Mitch is serious about this...which he clearly is not.

2012-04-17 10:21:22

Whitebeard [unverified] said:

Just another good reason to vote for Democrat John Gregg for governor in the next election and begin the process of ridding this state of far-right Republican rule.

2012-04-17 23:15:17

Tom Greenacres [unverified] said:

If you think Mitch is "far right" you haven't been paying attention. Pence, now that's another matter.

2012-04-18 06:45:49

hendy [Member] said:

TG: I'm glad your eyes are wide open. Mitch had cash and hubris on his side. Pence has God himself.

2012-04-18 08:03:11

Whitebeard [unverified] said:

Well, for one, how about Mitch and the gang trying to rid this state of any kind of organized labor?

Whose concerns has he represented aside from the affluent and near-affluent in Indiana?

Pence is just more of an extremist. He is one of the most smug, arrogant, egotistical politicians I've ever interviewed in close to 40 years of journalism.

2012-04-18 14:18:28

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