Voluntary retirements at the Indy Star

Dateline: Sat 14 Apr 2012

Following is a recent message from Karen Crotchfelt, publisher of the Indianapolis Star. She is bidding adieu to  people who so far have signed up to take voluntary exits. There are others who are "on the list" but their buyouts or retirements -- not sure of the protocol -- have not been approved yet.

Best to those mentioned here from this blog, including those in the "information center" (argh) which means the newsroom. That includes Joe Konz, Mike Ellis and Steve Ballard. Lots of talent drain here and from other areas as well.

From: "Crotchfelt, Karen" <karen.crotchfelt@indystar.com<mailto:karen.crotchfelt@indystar.com>>
Date: April 2, 2012 3:10:43 PM EDT
To: Star Media Group <StarMediaGroup@indystar.com<mailto:StarMediaGroup@indystar.com>>, Human Resources <HumanResources1@ad.gannett.com<mailto:HumanResources1@ad.gannett.com>>
Cc: Star Partners Operating Committee <StarPartnersOperatingCommittee@indystar.com<mailto:StarPartnersOperatingCommittee@indystar.com>>
Subject: Voluntary Retirement Announcement

I want to let you know that nine of our colleagues have accepted our early retirement offer.  These employees have made many significant contributions to our organization over the last 20 to 40 years. I have listed these employees below as many have worked collaboratively across departments for a long time and I want you to have the opportunity to wish them well.

These folks have worked tirelessly to engage readers, tell our community’s stories, help advertising clients and ensure that our products get created every single day.  I am sure the stories of the impact these nine valuable employees have had could go on forever…

Over the next two weeks we will work closely with those retiring to determine the best way to continue to serve our customers.  We will also continue to review staffing needs and add/adjust staff to ensure we live up to our multi-platform mission.  VP’s will share these plans as they develop.

Lastly, please join me in thanking these 9 individuals for their remarkable efforts and wishing each the absolute best.

Ricky Christy, advertising
Philip Buffington, advertising
Sue Speer, finance
Mike Ellis, information center
Linda Renner, advertising
Carol Mitchell, advertising
Mike Renick, advertising
Joe Konz, information center
Steve Ballard, information center



Tell The Truth [Member] said:

She can turn a sow's ear into a silk purse, can't she?

2012-04-14 14:08:57

hendy [Member] said:

The Re-Org beings. I wish all of then luck. None of this will be easy.

2012-04-15 08:25:58

George Stuteville [unverified] said:

Special best wishes to Joe Konz and Mike Ellis. Not only great journalists, they are darned nice guys who have probably endured far more than they should have. I know for fact Joe put up with a lot pain just editing the stories I sent him when we were on the Metro desk. Best of luck, guys.

2012-04-17 13:03:58

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