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Dateline: Mon 19 Sep 2011

Dick Cady, former investigative reporter, Pulitzer Prize winner (they can't take that away), metro columnist, arts and entertainment editor, etc., at the Indianapolis Star will be signing copies of his latest work this Saturday.

Here's the release (which alone tells me more than I previously knew about this case, so thanks to Cady for keeping historical tabs on this city):


The father was gunned down in a brazen daylight robbery. The son witnessed his murder, had to testify at three trials…..and went insane.

The wife hoarded millions in cash, prepared her home for a personal visit by Jesus Christ….. and convinced some people she was a witch.

All around them…..the scavengers gathered…..And the first to strike…..was a banker……

In Scavengers: A True Story of Money, Madness and Murder (Riverview Books, 235 pages illustrated, $19.95) former Indianapolis Star investigative reporter and columnist Dick Cady tells the story of the ill-fated Jackson family fortune and how it lured 24 people into crime, brought about two murders, and led two men to the electric chair.

First signing 1:30 p.m. Sept. 24 BookMamas at 9 S. Johnson in Irvington. Now available through Amazon.com and riverviewbooks.com. Author: dcady@att.net


Ms. Cynical [unverified] said:

I was just driving down Spring Mill, looked at the Jackson house and wondered how that all shook out.

What great timing: I can now read it in Cady's book!

Nice to know the old dog has new tricks.

2011-09-19 16:28:53

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

It'd make a great movie. Mrs. Jackson was seriously touched. But she withdrew millions over a period of time, with nary a whisper from her bank. I used to see her sometimes, many moons ago, at the Preston-Safeway at 56th/Illinois. Talking to one of the voices in her head.

I once witnessed her buy about 20 huge bottles of bleach. And some green peppers.

Then she screamed at the chekout lady because the TV Guides ink the rack were not current.

Nope. Nothinkg unusual there. Nothing to see folks. Move along.

Her bank ought to be sued for malfeasance.

2011-09-19 21:38:09

ruthholl [Member] said:

BTW Cady explains that he had no personal involvement in the Jackson case; "'Scavangers' is from my own imprint."
More in a future post on thoughts from Cady.

2011-09-20 07:43:35

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