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Dateline: Wed 14 Sep 2011

makes for great copy, and Gary Welsh at Advance Indiana is delivering it.

Check it out:

Welsh, an attorney, is covering this trial like a blanket. One is reminded of the old Dick Cady style of reporting: max out. But this is livlier and easier to follow.

You gotta give it up to Plowman for being the perfect foil. On trial for extortion and bribery, this former Indianapolis police officer and Big Man on Council comes across in court as not only a hick, but a sleezy hick: he's got a big dirty mouth, he's in thick with strip joints, and he is ready and eager to take payment for questionable services and then pad his books so as to throw the IRS off.  The government has him on videotape at the Conrad Hilton Hotel, taking $5,000 from an undercover agent posing as a prospective strip club developer. The money is to cover Plowman's expenses for helping the club get zoning, favors, etc. -- side employment that is, of course, strictly forbidden by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.


Here's some of Welsh's earlier coverage, detailing the first time Plowman met with the undercover agent at a Southside restaurant:

"Plowman, dressed in uniform and arriving in his unmarked Crown Victoria police cruiser, recounts his knowledge of various strip club establishments, who their respective owners are and whether they are for sale and at what price. 'I'm the number two guy on the city council, I'm a friend of the liquor and adult entertainment business because they don't have any other friends,' Plowman told Agent Aysta. Plowman said he would like to have an adult club down here, referring to his southeast side council district because 'I like adult clubs.' But he quickly added that he didn't like the women in adult clubs 'because all they want is your money.'

"'But, you know, 99% of the time they're not going to lay me, so I don't want to give them any money.' He qualified his statement by saying, 'I might give them a little cash if they're going to blow me, but it's not going to happen.' Plowman is shown on videotape at the Conrad Hilton as this deal goes down."

I asked Welsh how he got so much information. He explained that covering the trial is actually easy -- the government provides transcripts. But this is clearly Welsh's meat.

As for coverage from the Indianapolis Star, who needs it? Good attitude, since we aren't getting it; Star courts reporter Carrie Richards has been in the courtroom off and on, but the newspaper's understaffing has her spread thin.

Incidentally, I'm a fan of lawyers who blog/report. Among my favorites, besides Welsh, are Paul Ogden of Indy (Ogden on Politics), Doug Masson of Lafayette (Mason's Blog) and the mysterious City Beat blogger, who writes on the Meridian Kessler Neighborhood Associations home page and makes me laugh. The City Beat guy is a former newspaperman who saw the light and became a lawyer.

Thanks for the heavy lifting, and to City Beat, for that post about the Red Garter....



Wilson46201 [unverified] said:

Gary's blog is also the go-to site for ALL the real dirt about that corrupt, undocumented, Marxist, homosexual, murdering, drug-addled, Kenyan, illegitimate, plagiarizing, Muslim usurper in the White House.

If ever anything nasty is written about our President, Welsh will gleefully repeat it, embellished!

2011-09-14 09:02:26

B2 [unverified] said:

Does Gary Welsh actually work, or does he just sit around all day and conjur up conspiracy theories and relentless negativity? He's always so eager to seize upon the shortcomings of others. Wonder if he has any of his own.
Must be nice to be that perfect and have all the answers.

2011-09-14 09:33:31

ruthholl [Member] said:

Of course Gary works; he's a busy attorney.
Point taken, Wilson.
Nice thing about having your own blog: you can say whatever you want.
I honestly believe the prez has bigger problems now than Gary's rants.

2011-09-14 10:07:32

varangianguard [unverified] said:

If we're lucky, we can read more of the same for another four years, Wilson...

2011-09-14 10:55:57

ComputerWheels [Member] said:

You're right. City Beat is hilarious!

2011-09-14 11:51:47

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

I honestly try to see the good in most everyone. But after trying to deal with Lincoln on some zoning issues five years ago, I was left bewildered. In conversations, he drifted off if the words became more than a few syllables (seriously). He wrote emails in response to some of our questions, and I saved them for ahwole--they were horrid for fifth-grade grammar. He was completely unaware of the statutory requirements for zoning variances.

(On that score, sadly, he's got good company on the CCC)

After one meeting with some remonstrators which I attended, one of the nicest men in our group, who never had a poor word to say about anyone, said about Lincoln: "When that man pulls up to a stop sign you can see his lips moving. I'n afraid to ask him to advocate anything, for fear he'll screw it up between the time we ask and the vote."

The funniest part of the whole Plowlman thing is: he was never that much "in the soup," as they say...he never controlled zoning. Although zoning is broken in this town, and badly so, Plowman had almost no say in the process.

The real crime here was that newly-elected Mayor Ballard sized-up Police Officer Plowman and saw depth and quality. Almost nobody who's spent more than five minutes with Plowman saw anything other than an over-elected goof. He came from one of the most-Republican districts in the county, and he never commanded respect on any issues, most assurably zoning.

He was a sheriff's deputy who fought the police merger, and then gave in when the new mayor demanded he be promoted to Major. Heads are still being scratched over that promotion, let me assure you.

I feel sorry for Plowman's wife. Having to trot out this sordid strip club second job thing...but here's a question that hasn't seen a good answer yet:

He never made good moeny til he got promoted three and a half years ago. How does he afford the most expensive criminal defense lawyer in Indiana? That guy doens't work for free.

Scratch your head over that one.

2011-09-14 15:17:42

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