Somebody, hire Robert Annis....

Dateline: Tue 13 Sep 2011

please. Because he's prolific, funny and breathtakingly honest.

This inspires a question that others have asked: where are they now?

If you've got an interesting story about former/laid-off/canned Indianapolis Star or News reporters/editors/designers/shooters and what they're up to, spill it, especially if it is about yourself.

Annis reported for the Indianapolis Star about Carmel and Hamilton County. He now tweets about his job search on Twitter, where he has 1,700 followers, according to Huffington Post.

This is from Huff Post:

"Reporting his hopes and disappointments to the world seems to be part of how Annis is coping with the layoff, which he was not expecting at all. 'I was just in shell shock,' Annis told HuffPost. 'I was one of the most productive reporters they had. I never thought I'd be one of the ones that was let go.'"

Many of us older journalists are simply retired, or semi-retired, but many others are out making things happen, cobbling together a decent living, sometimes by holding down a variety of positions.

All work has dignity, inherently. That does not mean all workers are treated with dignity. But if you are paying your bills, pat yourself on the back and don't give up the search for something more meaningful.

My favorite yarn involves my friend Nick Crews, the former drama critic for the newspaper who ultimately landed on his feet with a good job in the private sector, altho it took time. But when he was casting his nets, there was a time when he couldn't even get Ray's Recycling to give him a tumble or a call-back. All he wanted to do was haul trash. Jeez.

File this under: the person with the best stories wins.

Good luck, Robert.




Nick Crews [unverified] said:

Yes, Ruthie, It is true -- Ray's Recycling didn't even call me in for an interview after reviewing my resume AND my clips, including my extensive coverage of Menopause The Musical. (Lede for the show's review: "Is this a great show or is it just me?"

In truth I thought that covering the Indy drama scene was great preparation for picking through trash and recycled cans. Hell, in a real sense I did that every time I covered a show at the Phoenix Theatre, after all.

2011-09-14 05:16:51

ruthholl [Member] said:

Ha ha ha.
Altho I don't know why I am laughing; it's all true.
Last night I dreamed Matt Tully and I bought a car together, and it was a total lemon. The trunk would not even open. It had to be returned to this crooked used-car salesman. How transparent.
Newspaper leftover dreams: pure hell.
Also, I hear Ryerson is just collecting the bucks and coasting to retirement....but then aren't we all, aren't we all?
Great lede. Why do we spell it "lede"?

2011-09-14 05:52:27

varangianguard [unverified] said:

Thanks goodness for Wikitionary.

"Mid-20th century neologism from a deliberate misspelling of lead (reverting to its archaic, phonetic spelling – compare Middle English below), intended to avoid confusion with its homograph meaning a strip of type metal used for positioning type in the frame.[1] Compare hed (“headline”)."

And here I had thought that journalists were simply spelling-challenged. lol

2011-09-14 07:40:56

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