NUVO ads scrutinized

Dateline: Sat 10 Sep 2011

Thanks to the reader who sent this link and story, from the Indianapolis Star Thursday by veteran reporter Bruce Smith:

Here's the essence, which was on Twitter:

"Indiana and 45 other states are pressuring, with its national network of alternative newspapers, to prove that its ads for adult services are screened to prevent child sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

"Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller has joined other state attorneys general in signing a letter asking for details about advertising policies and practices by Village Voice Media, the parent company of and 13 alternative papers nationwide.

"The classified advertising website of Nuvo Newsweekly in Indianapolis is powered by Nuvo is locally owned by Publisher Kevin McKinney.

"Nuvo officials did not return phone calls seeking comment."

Also, of interest to me, Backpage is owned by Village Voice Media. The attorneys general are callaing Backpage "a hub" for sex services, with a haul of $22.7 million in annual revenue.

"The state officials claim at least 50 court cases were filed in 22 states from 2008 to 2010 related to the trafficking in minors from online ads on

"'These are only the stories that made the news; many more instances likely exist. These cases often involve runaways ensnared by adults seeking to make money by sexually exploiting them. In some cases, minors are pictured in ads. In others, adults are pictured, but minors are substituted in a grossly illegal transaction,' the attorneys general wrote."

Now, in fairness, the Star also was running a few "adult" type ads a few weeks ago -- massages, Asians, all that, as I recall. They seem to have vanished.

Here's the deal: consenting adults can do what they want and pay for what they want, as the market bears. If the attorneys general can prove that kids are involved, Backpage et al have crossed a line and deserve punishment, fines, whatever.

Does anyone else recall seeing those come-on ads in the Star?



Matt Stone [unverified] said:

I remember seeing "gentlemen's clubs" ads in the sports section ages ago. Never recall seeing any type of massage parlor ads.

2011-09-10 12:14:24

hendy [Member] said:

The shame of it all! People actually look for sex in newspapers! How awful!!!

TheStar is so holy, so reverent, so conservative. They very simply have been a monopoly for so long that the thought of others actually making money in print must pain them deeply.

Is the sex trade business full of bad people? Quelle Surprise! You'd've never thought!! OMG!!

BS. One more last ditch attempt to use "morality" to distinguish themselves from their tawdry competition. In fact, they're pimps for the Republican and Tea Parties, if not the John Birch Society itself. Using a "GodWin" will eventually harm them more.

2011-09-10 15:14:35

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

Well I never read the ads I am drawn by curiosity...

Nuvo isn't a Bible. It's an alternative weekly. I'm pretty sure if the publisher suspected child exploitation or something smiilar, he'd can the ads. It's not his style to peddle such nonsense.

If we expect AG Zeller to do much of anything good, we'll be waiting a long time. What a joke.

2011-09-11 16:04:21

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