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Dateline: Fri 02 Sep 2011

This from Jennifer Wagner's website....she formerly worked for the newspaper, then had her own blog on communications and politics, promoting the Dem view. Now she's got her own communications consulting gig, which I think is a fancy term for PR. Anyhow, here's her site and her comments on Save the Star.

"A couple months ago, I took part in a session to help those folks who lost their jobs at the Indianapolis Star in the most recent round of corporate layoffs. It was uplifting that so many people came out to offer assistance, but that did little to overshadow why everyone was there.

"As a former Star reporter, I’ve written before about how it distresses me to watch Gannett put its bottom line ahead of its rank-and-file employees. Now, it seems, there’s a group of folks at the Star who are taking that message to the streets.

"Fast-forward from the June layoffs to the recent launch of a new website, social media presence and paid advertising devoted to saving the paper.

"I’d urge you to check out the site and share your thoughts — both with those who are running it and those running the newspaper.

"My affinity for journalism and journalists will always be strong, but not just because I thought it would be my lifelong profession (how many flacks have said that?). See, the thing about the Fourth Estate is that you don’t really miss it until it’s gone, and you might not even realize what you’re missing until something really bad happens.

"The people who dedicate their lives to collecting, synthesizing and disseminating information don’t do it for the glory or, Lord only knows, the paycheck. They do it because it’s something that must be done to ensure a just and fair society, to root out wrongdoing and to hold our leaders, elected and otherwise, accountable for their leadership.

"I don’t know if the 'Save The Star' campaign will permeate through to the masses, but I hope it will at least elevate the debate in certain circles about the need for local journalism and the best way to deliver the best product."

I agree with one of those who commented on my blog: the range of comments re: my post on Save the Star shows how passionate we all are on this topic. We may disagree with the original thrust of this campaign -- asking readers to make the calls -- but in the end, we all want a healthy local newspaper. I just don't want it run by those tools at Gannett, and I do not expect them to do the right thing, ever, no matter how many readers complain. But that's just me.

The bigger point: the Guild is doing something different, and more public, than ever in the past.  That openness about the problems within is a kick in the head.



Tell The Truth [Member] said:

You're right. I will call Mr. Milz.

2011-09-02 07:05:09

OINK [Member] said:

The obvious:
The Star is a business run by people who don't care if they're publishing a newspaper, running a string of whorehouses, or sacking kitty litter. As long as they're making money they will continue doing what they're doing. And, finally, as long as suckers continue subscribing to this POS they will make money.

2011-09-02 10:42:03

Seneca [Member] said:

". . . publishing a newspaper, running a string of whorehouses, or sacking kitty litter. . . ."

Which endeavor serves the general public best?

2011-09-04 10:58:15

Monique [unverified] said:

Very interesting points. Thanks!

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2011-09-06 07:35:05

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