AIDS is government plot against blacks: Lynn Ford

Dateline: Thu 01 Sep 2011

Rep. Andre Carson's rhetoric about members of the tea party wishing to see black Americans "hanging on a tree," and the subsequent fallout, is if nothing else an excellent reminder that there is still a black/white divide in this country.

Read Mary Beth Schneider's story in this morning Star: "Rep Carson: 'I will not apologize to tea party'"

And then read Matt Tully's column, which is being played up on the Star's website (note that comments are also being posted on Facebook as well as the Star online):|topnews|text|

I happen to agree with Tully, who normally is so nuanced and reasonable that he borders, to me, on tepid, but this time, his points resonate:

"Why did Carson, who has built a solid reputation....make a statement that could drive him to the fringe inside the Capitol, alongside colleagues who yell 'you lie' during presidential speeches and 'baby killer' during debates.'...It's hard to see what good can come of Carson's sweeping statement..."

I expected Carson, a Democrat, to show more sophistication and better judgment -- instead, he succumbed to making a broad racial statement that is not reality-based and makes no sense.

Or does it?

Carson is black, so his view is colored by his race, just as Tully's view is colored by his whiteness. Some of us seem to never get too far away from that reality. Or, as a friend says, "We are still paying for slavery."

If nothing else, the bounceback from Carson's irresponsible comments shows how huge the racial disconnect is: the stories in the Star quote blacks who support and understand Carson's views on this matter, and whites who find his remarks baseless and deliberately inflammatory. However, there is that one lone black Republican tea party member from Fort Wayne, who says he's never had a racial problem in politics and who intellectually rises above the black/white rhetoric. (Hello, Abdul).

Years ago, Lynn Ford was the resident black columnist for the Star. As his colleague and friend, we developed enough of a personal relationship over the years that he opened up and shared his deep-felt beliefs, some of which I considered outrageous and radical. He believed that AIDS was a government plot against blacks. He believed that black athletes who refused to stand during the National Anthem were correct. He believed there was a concerted effort to humiliate and imprison blacks, especially black men.

The Star's stories this morning were a great opportunity to also air the views of Erika Smith, the young woman columnist who often writes from the minority perspective in her columns. What does she think of Carson's expressed beliefs?

Waiting to hear....but in the meantime, plenty to chew on from this morning's newspaper.



indykjsharp [unverified] said:

I'm glad Carson said what he said. The teabaggers get away with far more outrageous remarks nearly every day (Ben Bernanke is a traitor??). As for Abdul, on Aug 10, he wrote in The Star: "How can we expect people to take responsibility for themselves if we give them cradle-to-the-grave service? I'm not ready to let people starve to death, but the entitlement class needs to know they have some skin in the game as well. Here's a radical thought: Unless there's a serious health issue, maybe the government shouldn't pay for epidurals. Maybe if some people felt a little pain bringing children into this world they would do a better job making sure the rest of us didn't have to take care of them."
Talk about outrageous. But I didn't see much stink about that.

2011-09-01 09:11:02

hendy [Member] said:

I stand with Carson. What he says is real, if amplified by his justified anger. The Tea Party are a bunch of flat-earth scared white people. Perry and Bachmann are Dominionists, and seditionists by definition.

Remember when JFK was elected, and a slice of America was sure he was a papist, and we were going to answer to Rome? The Dominionist/FlatEarthers have taken on that new role.

Take a look at the plight of blacks and minorities in this country. They've been able to slowly lift themselves out of poverty and into the mainstream of American life, only to have support mechanisms they need constantly and unerringly bombarded by the NO NEW TAX-I CAN'T HEAR YOU squads.

Andre Carson is discriminated against because of his race, and his religion. If you expected a different response, you were in err.

Mary Beth Schneider, for all her seeming even handedness, succumbs to not understanding racism, not understanding the motivations behind the Tea Party and FlatEarthers. Did you know Obama didn't have a birth certificate and man-made global warming is rubbish? Get real, and there is no need for school lunch programs?

2011-09-01 09:16:24

B2 [unverified] said:

Sad. I have higher expectations for members of Congress. I hope for higher levels of discourse. Andre has responded to one extreme by going to the other. What is happening to our country? I find Hendy's endorsement of this as unnverving as the Tea-Partiers. Too much antagonism and chain-jerking. Too much polarization. We are a nation of shouters ... from both sides. No one is "right" when it sinks to this level. No one.
As I say, sad.

2011-09-01 10:13:51

George Stuteville [unverified] said:

I stand with Carson and I stood with Lynn Ford.

The deal is that a class I took at Martin Center University, changed me forever.

The class was called Ethnotherapy. It was the last class taught by the college founders, Father Boniface Hardin and Sister Jane Schilling.

In those days in the mid-1980s, it was a required class before graduation.

As a class it was a deep excursion into not just the American black-white, slave-owner thing, but a study of oppression, political, sexual, tribal, religious...

There was much talk about how racism is so pervasive and usually so subtle that it is undetectable to most people.

We talked a lot about the effect of racism on us all -- the soul-bruising, the shame and the rage it provokes.

I will never forget Father Hardin saying that the founding of Martin Center was his response to the racial rage in his heart.

At the time, I remember thinking that Righteous Fury built this house with halls that have funny names: like the big round glass sphere called the Gathertorium. Originally it was the Communitorium.

I will also never forget Father Hardin going to each of us in the class and handing us each a tiny seashell. He did it to make a point about the buying and selling of human beings. The shells, he said, were currency used between African tribes in the pricing of a human being to sell or buy as a slave.

It was a fascinating class. I am thankful I was able to take it. I wonder if they still offer it.

2011-09-01 10:25:22

hendy [Member] said:

Father Hardin married my daughter and SIL not long ago. I respect and revere his thoughts. As incendiary as the voice used by Andre Carson is, it is the truth. The Civil War isn't over, and Indiana is the northern-most southern state. The flat-earthers that made it to our legislatures and the good-old-boy Democrats do us no favor. If there is a thing as a Blue Dog Democrat, I am not it, and it is an oxymoron.

I'm not here to fight the CIvil War all over again, but I'll tell you that Indianapolis is segregated, and a poor area to bring up the bottom, and the bottom needs bringing up-- costs $$-- and the white aristocracy isn't yielding their dynastic cash or their consideration, or allying other Americans as they should. Big wheels keep turnin', Proud Mary keeps on burnin'.

2011-09-01 13:27:46

Whitebeard [unverified] said:

My wife and I did some campaigning for Obama and we were horrified to see (and hear) first-hand the level of racism that still exists in this country. It's a somewhat more subtle form of racism, but it's still powerful in its hatred.

In the eyes of the Ruling Elite in this country, Carson is guilty on two counts: one, because he spoke with great courage and bluntness about the racism that permeates the right. Two, because he is Muslim. Many of these right-wing numbskulls cannot differentiate between the statistically small number of haters/terrorists vs. the peaceful majority of those of the Muslim faith.

Frankly, I wish that Obama would get a testosterone injection from Carson (metaphorically speaking, of course) instead of constantly trying to compromise with the wealthy WASPS who want to cause his destruction - and the destruction of the dream we shared with him.

I'm caucasian, but as a member of the struggling class, I felt like Carson was speaking out for me as well. I'd like to shake his hand and thank him.

2011-09-01 13:47:45

Lurker [unverified] said:

Why should Carson capitulate? This segment of White-America has all the cojones in the world when shouting for their cause----then suddenly,they clamor for polite discussion when called out??! Give me a break. F**k them. Carson should not apologize. He's right. It's time for these boorish petulant fussbudgets and impudent parasites to be called out for who/what they really are.

2011-09-01 13:54:53

hendy [Member] said:

Truth? Dude, you'll never get a job at Fox now!!

2011-09-01 16:44:42

VladtheImpaler [unverified] said:

Produce substantive evidence of any widespread racism in the tea party movement. This hanging blacks from trees remark, even figuratively, is absurd and not at all helpful in getting both sides of the aisle to work together to fix a screwed-up federal government.

But then facts don't matter when tea party types aren't in your political sphere.

You Carson defenders are scary. Scarier than anything I've seen in tea party. And to think some of you were reporters once.

2011-09-01 17:21:08

Tom Greenacres [unverified] said:

"Unless there's a serious health issue, maybe the government shouldn't pay for epidurals. Maybe if some people felt a little pain bringing children into this world they would do a better job making sure the rest of us didn't have to take care of them."
A Star story about food banks led with the tale about a woman with 7 kids having to take the bus to the bank to get food they would be comfortable with. No mention of any husbands or even fathers of these SEVEN kids living in poverty.

And whether or not Carson was prudent in saying what he did, or how long he will stick to his guns, I think the thought was correct if impolitic: there are rednecks who would like to see Blacks hanging from trees; and the Tea Party has some redneck members. Thus Carson's conclusion. I have actually been a little encouraged by his not inarticulate defense of his remarks.

2011-09-01 17:39:40

Conservative [unverified] said:

I honestly can't believe that anyone thinks this type of rhetoric is the type of inflammatory language that should be used by a member of Congress. You obviously don't understand the Tea Party and what it stands for. We can never erase the embarrassments and criminal acts of the past, but we can't live in the past. Some parts of society will always live on the fringe. The talking points of the left are to discredit the Tea Party to rile up the base for Obama in 2012. It's political pure and simple. And an outrage. The goal is to distract and get Obama elected. To say he "spoke with courage" is laughable. And those who continue to call Indiana the northern most southern state are shameful to those from Indiana who fought and died for the north.

2011-09-01 19:14:25

Jason [unverified] said:

If you're standing with Andre Carson's logic, you're standing with the logic that it's okay for Mike Huckabee to say we should write the Ten Commandments into legislation. If you're going to "stand by" him because you agree with his politics, admit your own partisan syndrome and we'll move forward.

This lucky sperm club member was calling for toning down the rhetoric, what, four months ago? And you actually have people DEFENDING this type of gutter speech? Obviously 99.99% of America sees this for what it is and files it away somewhere between insanity and stupidity. I'll bite though.

The problem with people like Andre saying things like this is it's always qualified with "some people" or "there are a few," but the same logic applies. There are a few Democrats that sympathize with terrorists, that in fact finance and support terrorists, and they want to see our nation fail. Now obviously that's misleading, but by Andre's logic, that's okay (I went ahead and left out the angry, violent, racist, etc. metaphor.)

On the topic of speaking with courage, whenever politicos say stupid c*** like this it's always to a pandering base. Bravery would be going to a tea party town hall and actually TALKING TO THE PEOPLE YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT. You won't see that, though, because it was a cowardly statement given in a cowardly fashion. Half the reason why this is given to a pandering audience is because people like this aren't interested in dialogue, they are already so pigheaded in their beliefs they don't care about dialogue.

Onto the subject of dialogue. Like the rest of white America (rounding up) I was raised to believe racism is wrong. I work with minorities on a daily basis and on a daily basis I'm greeted with racist remarks, overtones, undertones, and accusations. The problem is how do you deal with that? As a society why do we teach people that prejudice is right or wrong but it's totally dependent upon the archer and the target? Why is it okay to mock fair goers and not Jews? Why is it okay to hate rich people but not poor people? Thanks to speech like this there will never be a dialogue on these issues. We're taught as Americans that only certain prejudices are wrong. Why do we accept this?

We run some people out of town but give people like Amos Brown a pass when he uses words like "Anglo," "lily white," and uses hateful, separatist language, calling black conservatives "Black people who hate black people," or saying "You be sure to ask for someone who looks like us." Don't even get me started on the callers. Am I allowed to think this is wrong, or does that make me racist? Will somebody tell me? Seriously, do I teach my kids this is okay? Because the government says some demographics are "protected" does that assume others are open season?

I'm not asking to be a smarta**. I'm genuinely asking because I don't know. And I'm getting the impression that I should wait and be told what to think.

2011-09-01 20:28:00

Whitebeard [unverified] said:

Jason, I'd like to ask you: How many white Americans have been enslaved by black Americans? Slavery built the wealth of the South. For white people. That's a lot of oppression over a lot of years. And in many ways, things haven't changed as much as we'd like to pretend.

Some years ago, I went to a Pacers game and sat in the middle of a row by myself. An African-American guy tried to get to his seat beside mine. But a bunch of white redneck trailer park idiots tried to block his path to his seat because they didn't want him sitting close to them! The poor guy had to climb over rows of seats to get his chair and then seemed very relieved to find that I was friendly, and joined him in bad-mouthing those racist morons. He seemed to take the whole thing in stride a lot better than I did. Maybe because it wasn't anything new to him.

This nice fellow went on to tell me that he was in the U.S. Army and was just visiting Indianapolis for a short time. Nice welcome to Indy, huh?

My African-American friends tell me story after story after story like this. They (the stories) make my skin crawl.

Jason, how often are you discriminated against by members of a racial minority? Be honest.

And, by the way, to another poster who doesn't like someone calling Indiana the northern most southern state - pointing to the efforts of Indiana Union troops...

You need to do some reading on the "butternut" movement in indiana during the Civil War. Large pockets of the state were dominated by Confederate sympathizers. A small town south of Indianapolis, Boggstown, tried to leave the Union to join the Confederacy. Most Indiana Union soldiers didn't fight to end slavery, they fought to preserve the Union. Read their letters and diaries. I have for many years. Most were just as racist as Confederate soldiers.

We have a very sad heritage of racism in this state.

2011-09-01 23:03:51

Tom Greenacres [unverified] said:

"Most Indiana Union soldiers didn't fight to end slavery, they fought to preserve the Union"

Well, yes. This has been widely accepted. The notion that slavery could be ended by fiat was something that occurred well into the war, a war caused by the South's sesession from the Union. Bigotry is found in every society. Somebody always has to serve as Whipping Boy for the disgruntled. Europe's Jews are a perfect example: they provided Hitler with a focus of national discontent.

2011-09-02 07:14:49

B2 [unverified] said:

Tom, I couldn't agree more. Bigotry and prejudice exists everywhere, regretably. Have any of these posters who desire to beat up on Indiana heard of ethnic cleansing? Yes, Whitebeard, there are racists in Indiana ... and California ... and New York ... and name your flippin' state.
None of this, IMHO, excuses Andre Carson, a congressman and suppposed "leader" for throwing gas on the fire.
So much for taking the high road.

2011-09-02 08:40:05

Tom Greenacres [unverified] said:

I think Carson was just swept up by the moment. Not unlike somebody in a front row Pacers seat yelling the Bulls are a bunch of *!@#*#!! He was surrounded by an encouraging crowd and well, politicos have been known to utter the impolitic when egged on.

He visited my son, a Marine officer, in Godforsakenstan, and my son was impressed by his interest and questions.

The fact that he's kind of right in what he said should ameliorate at least a little the various knickers getting all knotted up.

2011-09-02 14:13:05

hendy [Member] said:

I stand with Carson, and for the reasons TTT and Whitebeard have stated. The Civil War isn't over. Indiana is the northern most southern state. We passed the same Christian Sharia agenda that Alabama did.

Andre told it like it is. You white people, sit down and shut up. Go live in the skin of a family at 10th and Tibbs. Go on, do it. See what it's like. Then go back to your suburban McMansion, your job where you get healthcare, benefits, and a decent wage. Tell me that people wanna live like that- go on-- tell the welfare Cadillac lie. Tell about how healthcare doesn't matter and how your dignity isn't dissolved with the acid of qualifying for food stamps and Medicaid or Medicare. Go on, tell it.

Get off your damn high horses and see how black and Latinos do. Don't give me BS about how your ancestors lived. Look at how their slaves now live. Tell me you don't close the door to black people because of their race, or decry bilingual signs. Tell me.

I watched Dr King tell his vision about black kids and white kids, but we've been segregated, and that's what busing was all about, homies. You comfortable white people have a good time. Don't bother with the poverty that surrounds you, the unemployment, the inability for people to get ahead in this world. Look away. Look away because for an ounce of melanin, they be you.

2011-09-02 14:42:13

Whitebeard [unverified] said:

My Lord, Hendy. You are the absolute KING of telling it like it is.

2011-09-02 18:28:25

VladtheImpaler [unverified] said:

When you watched Dr. King, did he say a lot of divisive stuff like the U.S. Congressman?

Ask because when I was a kid we didn't watch a lot of TV at the McMansion. Parents always took me and my homies to, eh ... campfire meetings, of sorts.

When we weren't going up the hill at nights we attended a lot of Christian sharia meetings at our Church.

When there was free time, me and my pasty posse used to rip bilingual signs from the restroom doors at Kmart, just to spite those Mexicans. Shoulda seen them -- they used to accidentally walk into the ladies room -- it was hysterical.

Always worried they'd hoist us up into the trees and make pinatas out of us, though, cause they're always waiting to do stuff like that -- if they get the chance.

One thing you could always count on were my McMansion neighbors getting their tight asses all loosened up when there was a blue light special on white sheets.

They ran like a bunch of Jews being chased by the Gestapo to scoop up as many packages as they could with their scrawny little cracker arms. Well, good talking with you.

2011-09-02 18:58:34

Roberta X [unverified] said:

Oh, Hendy, give it a rest -- the Civil War is over and decent people all across the political spectrum have been struggling to keep it over for years. Some of 'em are even Tea Partiers.

Congressman Carson's remarks made me sad; he's in the House of Representatives, for pity's sake, I expect him to take the high road and when he feels the need to diss, to do so with some wit and grace. Instead he just played out like the film-negative edition of Birth Of A Nation.

Saddest of all was, I've seen him when he's not waving a bloody shirt. I don't agree with his politics but he's an immensely likeable man.

...An immensely likeable man who hates me 'cos of the color of my skin.

Yeah, big improvement in race relations there.

2011-09-02 19:48:32

Jason [unverified] said:

Yes Hendy, because ALL white people live in rich McMansions and ALL black people live at 10th and Tibbs. The 50's called they want their society back. The 1850's, that is.

Whitebeard: "How many white Americans have been enslaved by black Americans?"

None, a rhetorical reply: "How many white Americans alive today have ever or will ever own a black person alive today?"

But that makes it okay to insinuate, with absolutely NO proof whatsoever, that some Americans would rather commit MASS RACIAL GENOCIDE!? lol! I'm laughing at the abursdity. Nobody's arguing against the uphill problems many black people face in today's society, but you're going to have to do MUCH better than that. As if the American people haven't spent trillions of dollars making life better for the impoverished.

I'm sure you experienced racism at a Pacer game, but if you had read my post you'd know I can listen to the same thing in my kitchen every afternoon. For some reason it's okay to call people Uncle Toms and worse, to completely put your own stupidity on display for the whole world, and, as Hendy so succinctly put it, you should just go into the corner and shut up.

To the suggestion that I'm somehow lying about my own life experiences with bigotry to make a point: I'm sure it comes across as a surprise that two white people can have different life experiences, but now I'm a liar because of it? Contrary to popular belief, there is as much diversity within racial groups as there is between them. Which is exactly why this racial whack-a-mole is just a lazy theology. And if you want to accuse me of being a racist, Hendy, don't use so many words next time, and bring some exhibits to the table.

Nonetheless, I think the best answer I've received to my perfectly legitimate question was "You white people, sit down and shut up." I just thank God this hatefulness and spite is such an incredibly minority viewpoint. Unfortunately, thanks to this conversation-killing rhetoric, things won't change. I think we've progressed on race relations as far as we can go as long as this kind of arrogance is still out there. That's okay, though, no hard feelings. Perhaps I didn't do a very good job of phrasing my position, but I got the impression, Hendy, that you were disagreeing with me while making my point.

I find it amusing that people here can accuse religious zealots of browbeating and being indoctrinated of such an extreme viewpoint, but when it comes to THEIR extreme viewpoint, why, it isn't extreme t'tall...

The really sad thing is that there are people living in slavery in this country right now, and people still treat slavery like it's some kind of antiquated relic. The shame. Nonetheless you have the Andre Carson-types out there fighting not the last war that ended, but seemingly the first one.

2011-09-02 21:10:21

hendy [Member] said:

Cluetrain time, Jason: the Civil War was fought for a lot of reasons, one of them slavery. But yes, even my grandfather was a member of the KKK in the 1930s-- most white people in Indiana were members. It was what was done, kind of like belonging to The Grange, and other movements. I have an uncle, who did what his daddy did, and swallowed the koolaid. My father, rest his soul, bucked the trend. He sought out his own answers. Then there's me. I was taught how to identify the difference between stupidity, institutional racism, and the more onerous and disingenuous flavors. By noting the buzzwords used, one could identify which school of thought was being foisted that say anything accept: all men are created equal, and historically, all people deserve dignity in their lives. The UN Charter of Human Rights will tell you the short list.

That you feel rebuked, Jason, is entirely justified within my bounds of ethics for this discourse. Justice isn't saying you've been taught that racism is wrong. Justice is an active state of mind, not just a bunch of adjectives to use. You have to get outside of your comfy self, you have to understand the malaise that the oppressed feel, and then you have to do something about it. Sitting back and being an arm chair critic leads to that disease we all know as death by Fox News.

Carson has to battle institutional racism, and the screeds and venom and bile that is thrown at Obama has, as its origins, institutionalized white racism. You can cover your mouth and cry NO! NO! but in reality, the answer is different. Some is unwitting. Some plainly stupid. I wonder why we don't fly the Stars and Bars over the capitol building like they do in the south.

Sit down, Jason, with a rational black person you respect. Then ask them the tough questions. Do they feel racisim? How does it feel? Ask Father Hardin. He's retired, and easy to find. He will tell you. Ask a co-worker. Listen to the answer, because the answer isn't rare, and it is almost always the same. Stop being white and be an American. We're all in this together, or we're not.

2011-09-03 04:04:08

Ms. Cynical [unverified] said:

Doesn't anyone remember Clarence Thomas talking about "high tech lynching" in his confirmation hearings?

Methinks talk of lynching is part and parcel of black discourse, even though now it's more figurative than literal.

2011-09-03 13:20:29

Jason [unverified] said:

Oh no Hendy, we're not in this together. Because in your previous post you told me to sit down and shut up. So NOW you want to talk about dialogue?

Allow me to take your words out of my mouth for a minute and respond.

No one's saying life isn't different for black people. But to assume the tenets of institutional racism exist because some sociological demographic says so is simply bad science. It's not soft science, in fact let me take that back, that's ART, not science. Life is wayyyy too complicated to work under generalizations at all, let alone those based on the color of one's skin. I think this is a problem with generations older than my own, and IMHO they fail to realize the farther we progress the more post-racial we become.

Criticism of Obama is not institutional white racism. That's silly. What do you call the mainstream media calling George Bush a war criminal? Presidents get criticized, and in the grand scheme of things Obama's had the kid glove treatment. If you're going to point to outliers in the political spectrum, that's fine, but I can point to Spike Lee saying that the government did New Orleans on purpose.

I understand you don't look at it the way I do, but don't think I'm assuming YOU are a racist. I had the uber-liberal progressive agenda for 4, okay 5, years in Bloomington but the rest of my life that I spent outside of college taught me much more about the real world.

If I'm not mistaken, another principle of institutional racism is that it's the only true kind that exists. There is no such thing as a bias against the majority, which simply fails to account for the opinions of nearly a hundred million Americans and operates under an assumed impression of all of the rest. How is this not lazy sociology?

Judging by Andre's resume he had more than enough political clout to get where he needed to be in life well before he entered Congress.

Again, my generation, to a large extent, doesn't deal with the guilt that your generation does. Not because we're busy getting plugged in, but because we don't relate to those antiquated notions of race that were so prevalent in older generations. Not just old-fashioned racism, but also the well-intended policies like affirmative action that have devolved into an insidious rubberstamp decision-making process.

Nobody's saying black people have it easier than white people. Nobody's even saying that black people have it the same as white people. When you operate under ANY assumptions on someone's upbringing, character, abilities or expectations just because of what they look like, no matter WHAT they look like, we all know where that road goes and what it's paved with. Whoever you are, whatever your skin color is, that's a YOU problem. For people like Andre Carson to cash in on that is shameful for the delivery, cowardly considering the audience, and dishonest in light of the content.

2011-09-03 22:48:16

hendy [Member] said:

I like some of your points. Let me make some more of mine:

1) Bloomington is in a reality distortion zone, but a pleasant one. I only moved here 2.5yrs ago. Before that I lived in Indiana but for about seven of my 57yrs.

2) There is a decided difference in the attitudes of young people-- in some locales. But don't forget that those attitudes are NOT those of other generations. Don't for a second believe that people, and plenty of them, won't believe a black man as president or accept him. It's not long ago when a WASP male just didn't make it into any of the three branches of government at almost any level, and certainly today, WASP men still dominate, statistically, across the US. LOOK AT THE NUMBERS, as they're out of proportion with the population of WASP men.

3) Yes, people are saying black people have it easier than white people. The so-called entitlements are criticized by many segments of society. Welfare? Food Stamps? The prejudices are huge. Not employed-- you slacker??? Go on and have your welfare baby-- you know the epithets because if you haven't heard them, you're not listening.

4) Your generation doesn't have to worry about guilt-- now that you're all sociopaths. Go look on the streets. Go see who's getting the jobs, and who's not. Go count heads and do it by race. Go down to places like your favorite tire store, and count black heads. You'll see lots of homogeneity where there ought to be diversity. You're not looking, believing it doesn't exist in the quantity that I'm telling you that it does. The exercise remains: ask you peers, point blank if you feel white racism in your everyday life, and how does it manifest itself.

5) This is an inherited, institutionalized problem. If you're not on one side of it, sadly, you're on the other. It's worse in southern states, like Indiana (yes, forget geography, we're Alabama with a latitude problem).

6) Lazy sociology is a cop-out. Read the studies. Look at the data. Do you own work before you use such an epithet, white boy. You won't learn until you live in the shoes of the oppressed. Yes, I'm a caucasian. But that adjective is way down the list. Justice is active, not passive. Take part now and listen to those that are realistically describing the pain of being Black in America.


2011-09-04 12:03:42

K.L. [unverified] said:

The Congressional Black Caucus wants me and others like me (folks who aren't rich, but have loads of disposable income saved just waiting to be taxed or confiscated) dead. That is pretty much what Carson said about me, that some conservatives who share some of my beliefs what him dead (hanging by a tree is a lynching/hanging, and that usually means death..despite what Amos was saying about how he didn't use the l-word).

Well, Carson and the CBC would have no problems seeing a DINK (Duel income, no kids), frugal couple and stealing more of the fruits of my labor. I don't make much, but I save lots..for the future. Unfortunately, if things keep going the way we are, this entire country can be one big ghetto for all I care. We can all stop working, live on the higher taxes "the rich" pay via welfare handouts.

Sorry, but I'm getting sick of the race card playing crowd, the "whoa is me" crowd, etc.. Don't worry, the cultural Marxist types are getting their way. Out-of-wedlock births for whites will eventually match that of Hispanics, then everyone will match the African-American rate (last said to be 70-80%). Then we can all celebrate this magnificent milestone. I'm sure the US will be a great country once 80% of our births are to single mothers!!!

Here is a NSFW video about the ridiculous use of welfare cards.

2011-09-04 17:57:59

K.L. [unverified] said:

Oh, and eventually the gravy train will stop. The old saying is right: Socialism only works till you run out of other people's money. I don't care if living the welfare life really does suck. The fact remains that there is only so much others will all you to steal from them before they either:
#1: Decide it is better to join the ranks of the welfare recipients.
#2: Take legal actions to avoid fruits of labor confiscation (ie: Move out of the country, move to another state, etc..).

2011-09-04 18:01:40

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