Gannett taketh away....and Gannett giveth

Dateline: Thu 27 Oct 2011

Or: We told you not to fire all those copy editors.

The Indianapolis Star has re-hired copy editor Carolyn Doyle, who lost her job in the most recent layoff surge this past June. Clearly, the paper has suffered without its seeing eye dogs.

Here is part of what what Carolyn shared in an email sent Tuesday, when she was back at work at 307 N. Penn:

"Tonight I am sitting at the same desk that I cleared out four months ago.  I returned to find my nameplate still attached, and the blue paper butterfly with the torn wing still pinned to the bulletin board.

"Having worked 21 years (and survived three rounds of job cuts), you might think I felt secure in my job at The Indianapolis Star. I did not. But I was still shocked when I got the phone call on June 21. The fact that I was one of dozens whose jobs were being eliminated made it no easier. Cleaning out the desk where I am sitting now was one of the hardest things I've had to do.

"There followed a summer of brief highs --  writing a food column, baking amazing bread in my summer culinary class... -- and abysmal lows. (I will save you the details of my search for employment -- you know the depressing drill.),,,,

"I was fortunate. Less than three months after I lost my job,  I received the offer of a copyediting job at The Republic, a well-regarded daily newspaper in Columbus, Ind.

"My co-workers there were talented and welcoming, and I was enjoying the chance to design newspaper pages again. But four weeks into my new job, the unthinkable happened.

"The Star wanted to hire someone back.

I got the call that they were seeking to restore a copyediting position. Per the Newspaper Guild contract, they contacted those whose jobs had been eliminated and did some brief interviews.

"I was stunned to end up with my old job back.

"To say it's been a wild ride is an understatement. I am very grateful to The Republic for giving me a job when I needed one ... and to the Guild for making sure the terms of the contract were followed. And I am grateful for the opportunity to once again work with my colleagues at the state's largest newspaper.

"I'm also glad that I began writing again during the summer. I will have to give up the food column, but I plan to keep up with my food blog (, and hope to work on other projects....

"Also, many of my former co-workers are still searching for jobs. If you have any leads,  I would be happy to pass them along."

If anyone does know of a job, shoot me an email and I will forward to Carolyn.

Gratitude aside, the shortsightedness of Gannett is stunning.

And for what?



George Stuteville [unverified] said:

Good luck, Carolyn. You have always been a gifted editor. I breathed easier when my stuff was in your hands. Thanks for all the saves and improvements you made in my drivel!

2011-10-27 16:07:15

Whosiwhatsis [unverified] said:

I think it's incorrect that the position Carolyn is filling is one that was restored from the layoffs. It's a "new" one that opened up in the reshuffle after A1 editor Kate McKenna left for Chicago a few months ago.

Unfortunately, I think Carolyn still shouldn't feel her job is secure. I hope she is continuing to look for a higher paying position closer to home. If it were me and I had another job anywhere else, I would not have gone back. What a horrible company, and what a horrible position to have to put yourself in.

2011-10-27 19:58:46

ruthholl [Member] said:

Interesting. I do know at least three other former copy editors turned the position down for reasons to which you allude.
Thanks for clearing up.
Good luck to Carolyn and all others at the Star.

2011-10-28 05:48:20

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

This is one of those whiplash stories that starts bad, gets better, and will no doubt get bad again.

But we all have to eat.

2011-10-30 05:52:22

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